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Empire of the Apes (2013) (In Hindi)
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Watch Empire of the Apes 2013 Dubbed In Hindi Full Movie Free Online

Director: Mark Polonia

Starring: James Carolus, Elizabeth V. Costanzo, Marie DeLorenzo, Steve Diasparra

Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Released on: 01 Jul 2013

Writer: Mark Polonia

IMDB Rating: 2.6/10 (35 Votes)

Duration: 79 min

Synopsis: In a distant galaxy three escaped female convicts crash land on a primitive world inhabited by a race of warlike apes. They fight for survival as the humanoid apes fight for their possession, body and soul. A daring escape is their only way out. Hot on their heels are the blood lusting gorillas and a prison warden bent on their return to the prison ship they escaped from. Treachery, alliances and battle await the fighting factions. Who will survive on a planet where apes rule and humans are only breeding stock.


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