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Garuda Superhero (2015) (In Hindi)
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Director: x.Jo

Starring: Rizal Idrus, Slamet Rahardjo, Agus Kuncoro, Robby Sugara, Piet Pagau, Alexa Key,

Inzalna Balqis

Genre: Action

Released on: 2015

Writer: N/A

IMDB Rating: N/A

Duration: 82 min

Synopsis: The world of science is shocked with the creation of sophisticated weapons as the
savior of the world from giant asteroids that can hit the earth in the future. But, these weapons are successfully
hijacked by a group of villain led by Durja King and transformed into a threat of destruction. But in times of crisis,GARUDA appears as a figure who has super power that can save the world.


Action, Dubbed Movies



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