Rose Bed – A Lady and Her Bed – Short Film


Meeta Vashist
Nisaar Khan


Aarambhh M Singh


An opera singer, a Victorian bed and a wedding that never happened. Will Rose ever find the right man?

Miss Rose ?a 39-year-old Opera Singer stays alone with her most favorite Wedding Gift given by her grandmother “The Victorian Bed”. the wedding which never happened. Grandmother made Rose believe that “Bed is Brides best friend” and it will surely get her Married. The film deals with Rose’s struggle with the bed, a metaphor for how she is dealing with the fact that she is still unmarried. On one end bed mocks her and reminds her that she doesn’t have a companion on the other end its the only Hope she has that she will get married one day. A tale of ‘Choices’ and ‘Chance’ that Life offers and what we make out of it.

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