The Colour Of Olives (2006) – Documentary


Hani Amer
Monira Amer
and their 6 children


Carolina Rivas


The Color of Olives was filmed in Masha, a Palestinian village 15 miles from Tel Aviv. Mexican directory Carolina Rivas focuses on a Palestinian family of eight, headed by Hani and Monira Amer.

Recently a wall has been completed and is now separating Israel from the West Bank. Because of the wall Hani has had his orange and olive groves separated by electrified fences, a military road and a checkpoint. In Rivas’ film it shows how Hani and his children wait patiently each morning for soldiers to unlock the gate so that Hani can go to work and his children can get to their school.

The Color of Olives was shot using only natural light.

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