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Maan Apmaan (1979)
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Director: N.V. Deshpande

Starring: Mohan Choti, Dhumal, Gajanan Jagirdar, Kanan Kaushal

Genre: Drama

Released on: N/A

Writer: N/A

IMDB Rating: N/A/10 (N/A Votes)

Duration: N/A

Synopsis: Parvati lives in a palatial house with her wealthy father, mom-Laxmi, brother-Pratap, and sister-Kamini. She has a sister, Savitri, who is married to a very wealthy man. Parvati meets with a poor homeless man, Shankar, both fall in love and get married. Parvati’s dad does not approve of her getting married to someone who is destitute, and wants her to change her mind, but Parvati refuses to do so. Her dad then offers Shankar 10 lakh rupees so that they can live a comfortable life, but Shankar refuses to accept this nor do they want to live with Parvati’s family. The couple then leave and go live with Ramdas, a friend of Shankar, but his wife does not appreciate two additional mouths to feed, therefore, Shankar and Parvati re-locate to Shankar’s village where they intend to start their life by re-building Shankar’s ruin of a house. They do re-build the house, settle down, and soon have a baby boy to add to their family. Her father and mother attend to take a look at the child, but end up humiliating Shankar. Years roll by, and Parvati never sees her family nor do they come to visit her. Then one day they receive an invitation to attend Kamini’s marriage, and they travel all the way there. Once there, they are received warmly by Laxmi, but things take an unexpected turn when Savitri, her husband, Parvati’s brother and dad refuse to have to do anything with them, Savitri even accuses Parvati of stealing her diamond nose-ring. Humiliated, the three leave and swear never to return. Then years later, they receive another invitation to attend Pratap’s marriage. But will Shankar, Parvati and their son accept this invitation and attend another ceremony where they may face more humiliation?

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  • Awesome Movie, Super production. I like it. THanks admin to share your updates.