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Kathputli (1971)
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Director: Brij

Starring: Jeetendra, Mumtaz, Helen, Master Bhagwan

Genre: Family, Romance

Released on: 1971

Writer: N/A

IMDB Rating: 7.9/10 (18 Votes)

Duration: 148 min

Synopsis: Nisha (Mumtaz) loves Vishal (Jeetendra) and they get married. Ignoring basic driving safety rules they end up in an accident. Vishal needs serious surgical attention. Nisha tries to raise money. This is a story of a rape victim and an innocent child. It is a story of the arrogance of wealth and power. It is also a story of kindness and love. The troubles that Nisha faces are a reflection of the times, 1960’s India, a nation in transition from rural to urban society. Even today (2014) rape victims are unable to come forward… and rape is such a common occurrence. Nisha, an orphan meets Vishal, a smart and educated man and they fall in love. Circumstances and lack of transparency between them, separate them. Other circumstances bring them back together; only to separate them again. They are both alone in the world – no parents, no relatives except each other and a child. That loneliness brought them together and yet their inability to speak openly with each other sets them on a drama of despair. Murali, their friend and his mother play a key role in smoothing the rough edges of their lives. Roma, though appearing to be a vamp turns out to be an angel.

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Family, Hindi Movies, Romance








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