Colours from India (2002) – Documentary


Dimple Kharbanda


‘Colours From India’ is about the three Russian painters who came to love India as their own, which reflected in myriad nature in their works. Russians saw India first through the paintings of Saltykov. He painted everything he saw: common people, Nawabs, processions in Kanchipuram, during his two visits in 1841 and 1845. Vasili Vereshchkegin, inspired by Saltykov’s paintings travelled to India. He was more fascinated by the architecture. Nikolai Roerich, unlike Saltykov and Vereshchkegin, lived in India for a longer period, and thus witnessed British imperialism in India. His paintings reflected India’s desire for freedom. Through the works of these three artists, ‘Colours from India’ depicts the bond of friendship between the two nations that was not initiated by war or diplomacy, but by the sensitive strokes of artists.

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