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Bodyguard (2011)
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Director: Siddique

Starring: Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Raj Babbar, Asrani

Genre: Romance

Released on: 31 Aug 2011

Writer: J.P. Chowksey (screenplay), Kiran Kotrial (screenplay), Siddique

IMDB Rating: 4.5/10 (14,469 Votes)

Duration: 130 min

Synopsis: Reading from a diary, a lad comes to know about a nobleman from Jaisinghpur, Sartaj Rana, who invited the wrath of the Mhatre brothers, Ranjan and Vikrant, by sending Lovely Singh to free abducted women bound for Thailand. Feeling threatened, he hires Lovely as a bodyguard for his collegian daughter, Divya, and her friend, Maya. Divya does not appreciate being followed around by Lovely and creates a fictional woman, Chhaya, who distracts him by repeatedly phoning him and telling him that she loves him. Lovely believes this person to be real and falls in love. In a bar, Ranjan’s brother attacks Divya and is killed by Lovely – setting into motion a chain of events that will pit Lovely not only against the enraged Mhatre brothers but also against Sartaj himself, who believes that Lovely is attempting to elope with his daughter.

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  • Ashish 8 years ago

    super duper hit movie….i really like it!!!! salman is always the best but this time evry character is jst awesome in the movie…… <3 <3 <3

  • faiz khan 8 years ago

    the Bodyguard movie all the best

  • Tahseen Bin Taj 8 years ago

    cooelst movie… thnx for the share.. 🙂

  • jamil malek 8 years ago

    best of the year

  • sheikh 8 years ago

    This was really a amazing movie to see
    please watch once

  • nice movie

  • Nice movie.. Entertaining..

  • Mohammed Fazal 8 years ago

    its just unpredictable,cool performance dude-too gud.

  • Abhishek Karpe 8 years ago

    Salman Khan Rocks Whereas Kareena Kapoor Superb In All This Movie Is MindBlowing

  • ohh sallu like always dashing n macho…..i like the first song body guard n how he moves his muscle is really amazing n funny….i luved it.
    kareena luked beautiful in this movie but not sexy….liked the acting.

  • jabardast movie

  • Formula plot made into a Gross topper. Salman is something.

  • As usual third clase movie of Salman.

  • movie,, Bodyguard is the best, there’s comedy romance infidelity acion so I have no words how good is the bodyguard movie … the best movie ever .i really like it!!!! salman is always the best,

  • the biggest hit of the year.salman proved he iz the bhai jan all of the super star in the bollywood.

  • nice movie..goood stooory….

  • asad shariq 8 years ago

    Luv u salman…..u hve again proved dat u r the real king of bollywood…..:)))…keep going jani…..

  • umairkhan 8 years ago

    i love this movie

  • U R wrong asad shariq……..Amir khan is the king of bollywood……….

  • movie was very nice, t if i could watch it in complete vrsion, as about half of the movie is not there, i dont know why

  • zuhiab 8 years ago

    0o0osum salu bhai zindabad ………….

  • SUNAINA SAXENA 8 years ago

    Amezing Movie, Good Storyline, Salman/Kareena ROCKS!!!!!…..HAPPY ENDING is the best part…..worth watching !!!!!!

  • ibrahim 8 years ago

    very good movie salu mia nice movie

  • khuram 8 years ago

    cool movie

  • great movie….loved salman’s role

  • mursil 8 years ago

    nice movie

  • mehmood alam 8 years ago

    Salman is very best hero i like it my five star

  • Imtiaz 7 years ago

    Hello to all of you.
    Dears i like this website it is really very best for all.
    I salute through this sit to my favorite actor Sunjay Dutt
    May God give him all the happiest and good health it is very best actor then all.

  • Naeem Malik 7 years ago

    Very Nice & Sweet Movie

  • Mohsin 7 years ago

    Salman khan means DABANG Star OF Bollywood
    Salman khan is a real HERO OF Bollywood
    Salman Khans are likes my city, Jaipur

  • manish meena 7 years ago

    i m loving it

  • Ashish Garg 7 years ago

    super duper hit movie….i really like it!!!! salman is always the best but this time evry character is jst awesome in the movie……,,,,,,,,,,,,,Really very nice..


  • Mohsin Khan 7 years ago

    What a Nice Movie salman khan you are a lovley body gaurd and kareena kapoor verry verry lovly they make picture double lovely mohsin khan reporting sir love you salman and kareena


  • Ahmad Shahbaz 7 years ago

    A nice Romantic Movie. Watch this With Your Lover.

  • Remake of Malayalam Body Guard.salman good job

  • I love u Salman u r the BEST <3

  • Norway 7 years ago


  • sahed islam 7 years ago

    I really really liked this movie!!! it’s just awesome..

  • biswanath bera 7 years ago

    nice movie

  • abdul sattar 7 years ago

    a very very good movi