Chillar Party (2011)
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Director: Vikas Bahl, Nitesh Tiwari

Starring: Aarav Khanna, Chinmai Chandranshuh, Divji Handa, Irfan Khan

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family

Released on: 08 Jul 2011

Writer: Vikas Bahl (screenplay), Vijay Maurya, Nitesh Tiwari

IMDB Rating: 7.5/10 (3,113 Votes)

Duration: 135 min

Synopsis: When an employee of Mumbai’s Chandan Nagar leaves, he is replaced by a youth, Fatka, who has a stray dog, Bhidu (a.k.a. Buddy). There is no accommodation provided for this homeless orphan, so he and his pet decide to make an abandoned antique car their new home. There is some resentment from the children of the building, but Fatka gets accepted in the cricket team after he demonstrates his bowling capabilities. A chance visit by a politician, Shashikant Bhide, results in enforcement of new municipal legislation to capture all stray dogs, and the children decide to oppose it. Their attempt to secure 31 signatures from residents turns out to be in vain, and they decide to launch a unique protest. Shashikant puts pressure on Chandan Nagar’s Secretary, Tandon, as well as launches his own campaign to enforce the legislation and ensure Bhidu’s capture.

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Comedy, Drama, Family, Hindi Movies




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  • hahha nice film for kidz but in this JHANKIA is to cute and Funny HALLAA BOL

  • This is 2 good movie. Aamir khan U r great.Heads of U yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar.
    All kid were fantastic. My 3 year old daughter also love the movie.

  • shyam sunder 6 years ago

    Nice movie, must watch it ,in dino release hui sabhi movies par bhari hai ye movie.2011 me release hui movies me vastav me movie to yahi hai.Must Must watch it.

  • yar superb movie nice act 4 all kids..i agree yasi with sweet…..ilove this kid….

  • Rahul66 6 years ago

    Nice movie! Must watch for kids as well as parents.

  • Prakash n Romee 6 years ago

    must watch movie not only for kids but also for the older generations….superlikes!!!

  • Outstanding And Motivational Movie, Love This Movie.
    Great Story. Love U Chillar Party.

  • suhana khan 6 years ago

    woo lovely chiller party …… i like it…jankia panoti..aa baap… kaya boleto movie ek dam jhakas……

  • Bhavana 6 years ago

    Exultant movie, i miss my childhood.i love all kids.

  • satya 6 years ago

    Good work kids… Nice movie. It remind my child days and my friends.

  • sohail khan 6 years ago

    so great i like that type films

  • Abhishek Karpe 6 years ago

    Nice Film From Salman Khan Production House Being Human To Save Some Of The Chiler Favouite Dog As After Seeing This Film My Percentage Of Liking domestic Animal Such As Dog Goes To 53% Whereas Cat is 46% and 1% Towards Other Domestic Animals As Chiller Party In This Film Makes My Hearts Saying “Halla Bol”…………….!!!!!

  • Kishore Lahane 6 years ago

    Very Good Film………….. ” Halla Bol”…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Faizan 6 years ago

    Nice movie JHANGIA is so cute

  • kawtar 6 years ago

    nice film chillar party mdr

  • unkown 6 years ago

    excelant movie representing child spirit unity & spirit.

  • nice movie

  • priyanka* 6 years ago

    i love it so much…….akaram and jhangiya r fantastic and cute

  • MUNNA TALUKDAR nilambazar 6 years ago

    nice movie

  • md zahid 6 years ago

    very nice movie fabulous acting of janghiya and akram kya baat hai viru sare chillar party ki kya baat hai lagta hai fir se childhood men chala jaoon. over all chillar party total full of funnnn super dupar hitttttttttttt