Johny I Love You (1982)

Watch Johny I Love You 1982 Full Hindi Movie Free Online

Director: Rakesh Kumar

Starring: Sanjay Dutt, Rati Agnihotri, Suresh Oberoi, Amrish Puri

Genre: Action, Romance

Released on: 19 Nov 1982

Writer: Gyandev Agnihotri (dialogue)

IMDB Rating: 5.6/10 (15 Votes)

Duration: N/A

Synopsis: After the death of his wife, Savitri, former bandit, Suraj Singh, decides to go straight, and with the help of a Catholic Priest, Father John, goes to work in a small hillside community along with his young son, Raju. Suraj is afraid that his former partner, Zalim Singh, may come hunting for him and hence changes Raju’s name to Johny. Years pass by, Johny has grown up and is in love with Seema, the daughter of his employer, Colonel. Suraj talks to Johny to give up the idea of marrying someone so rich and wealthy – with considerable success. An embittered Seema agrees to marry anyone her grandfather chooses, which is Amar, who has returned from London. Before that could happen, Johny has an encounter with Zalim, who is subsequently arrested by the Police, found guilty and jailed for life. Then Amar arrives with his sister, Sheela, and instantly approves of Seema. What they family is not aware of is that the real Amar and Sheela have been killed and their place has been taken over by Zalim’s son, Shakti, and his girlfriend, Julie. Watch what happens when Zalim breaks out of prison and lets out the secret that Savitri had not died a natural death and had been killed by none other than her very own husband, Suraj; the impact this has on the Colonel and his family – and as well as on Johny.

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