Loafer (1973)

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Director: A. Bhimsingh

Starring: Dharmendra, Mumtaz, Roopesh Kumar, Mukri

Genre: Romance

Released on: 12 Mar 1973

Writer: Nabendu Ghosh (screenplay), Jagdish Kanwal (dialogue), Vijay (story)

IMDB Rating: 7.0/10 (75 Votes)

Duration: 138 min

Synopsis: Orphan Ranjit studies in a school where-by he is a trouble-maker; his pranks goes beyond the limit when he accidentally throws his classmate, Mohan over the school building killing him. He then flee the scene only to ended up boarding a train where-by he befriends a gangster named, ‘Uncle’ who introduced him to crime. Years later Ranjit heads a night club called, ‘Play-Boy’ while he continues to work for Uncle by excelling in all criminal activities which does not anger well by the rival gangster, Pratap who decides to send a young woman, Anju to ensnare Ranjit thus she can be able to track his movements. Instead Anju fall in love with Ranjit who decides to reveal the truth to him; Ranjit then rescue Anju’s brother, Rakesh from Pratap’s clutches. Meanwhile Ranjit plans to rob jeweleries from a jewelery exhibition and although there is an alarm system and 24 hour security he does manage to accomplish this task. Shortly after Ranjit meets and befriend an alcoholic apple vendor, Gopinath who he decides to make his father; Ranjit arranges his foster sister’s marriage in style only to be arrested during the midst of the wedding for the jeweleries he robbed and to worsen matter he is exposed as the killer of Mohan whose father is none other than Gopinath.

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