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Golmaal 3 (2010)
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Director: Rohit Shetty

Starring: Mithun Chakraborty, Ajay Devgn, Kareena Kapoor, Tusshar Kapoor

Genre: Action, Comedy

Released on: 05 Nov 2010

Writer: Robin Bhatt (script consultant), Farhad (dialogue), Bunty Rathore (additional dialogue), Yunus Sajawal (screenplay), Sajid (dialogue)

IMDB Rating: 5.2/10 (3,802 Votes)

Duration: 140 min

Synopsis: After selling fake examination papers to students, Madhav, Laxman and Lucky re-locate to Goa, and not only get into verbal & physical confrontations with Gopal and Laxman, but also ruin their jet-ski and fire-works businesses. Feeling threatened, they inform their bus-driver father, Pritam, who goes to confront Gopal and Laxman, and finds out that their mother, Geeta P. Chopra, is his long-lost love. Gopal’s girlfriend, Daboo, overhears their conversation, and gets them dramatically married – just in time as Pritam is heavily in debt and is about to be evicted by goons led by Raghav. Chaos and violent confrontations will become the order when he takes his children to live with Geeta, and the newly married couple may conclude that divorce may be the only solution to end their respective children’s disputes.

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Action, Comedy, Hindi Movies



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  • Bilawal 8 years ago

    Its Really an Awsum movie.!!!!

  • A very good movie.ajay is a funny man like others punjabes.

  • best move ever !


  • best movie ! grast work done by Katrina Kaif , Salman Khan , Khali , Tom Cruze , Aamir Khan & Shahruk Khan !!

  • Sonny khan 8 years ago

    this movie was incredible it was funny i loved the comedy mind blowing this movie is a good family film

  • hi, this is soo comedy movie. i was waiting for this movie and now finally got to see it. thanx

  • thnx for z movie

  • satyajite 8 years ago

    hi this is good movie but sharman joshi was better then shreyash

  • nice movie

  • 1st golmaal was the best one…
    Could have been better movie with Sharman Joshi

  • mandeep 8 years ago

    oooooooooooooo god full of laughter……. god bless rohit. plz make another part again…..

  • alok verma 8 years ago

    fantastic movie
    it is full of fun

  • This movie is better to action replayy…………….

  • Vipul Jain 8 years ago

    ths is vry special

  • amaaaaaaaaaaaaaazinggggggg and fantastic…

  • nice move

  • rahul bhardwaj 8 years ago


  • waseem 8 years ago

    hahaha achey ha bs

  • Shafiq 8 years ago

    yah…..its a very cool funny and nice movie

  • prashant joshi 8 years ago

    nice movie full entertianing movie

  • sir g one more

  • i ve a view this movie is best of the month

  • subramani konar 8 years ago

    awesome movies
    jonnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy rockkkkkkkkkkk

  • fardeen Emambuccos 8 years ago

    nice move

  • jayakrishna 8 years ago

    fantastic movie and gr8 actor ajay devgan.rohit setthy u r always good director and my choice and my fev act ajay devgan rock in golmaal3

  • Hey Rohit wazzzzzzz up? nice movie you have done g8 job. but there is one thing missing. if you make golmaal 4 than do not forget too have blind man.you know i don´t understand one thing. you are makeing movie too insult or proud too say like i am a idiots and kaminey.

  • Mudassar 8 years ago

    HI every budy i hope this movie is very best i cant explain this

  • Mudassar 8 years ago

    this vedio is not amaizing thus this vedio is camfortable and peacefull hahahah

  • Dr C S Shah 8 years ago

    i do agree with satyajite
    sharman is best actor for comedy movie…
    shreyas cant act…

  • wohoooooooooooooooooooooooo haaaaaaaahahahahahahaha m dieyin ov laughter lolxxxxxx awesommmmmmmmmmmmm lov it

  • AFFSNN 8 years ago

    GOOD MOVIE !!!!!!!

  • irfan rahi 8 years ago

    thise movie is my movie

  • oooooooooooohhhhhhhhha cool

  • JUNED TYAGI 8 years ago

    mast hai bhi………..

    10 on 10…!!

  • tasleem 8 years ago

    its is a very good film ever comedy is phenomenous in this film

  • greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat movie love it fantastic 28 nov 2010

  • The movie is amazing. the acting is ok

  • good movie

  • hazrat 8 years ago

    it’s very funy movie i like it x <3

  • Ashraf 8 years ago

    Extremely nice! Shetty you are good in comedy movies keep it up we welcomes you all time. One more part for Golmaal!!! I really enjoy it! Daily after office time i used to watch this movie. Its amazing that all previous parts!!! Thanks lot!!!

  • I want three hours of my life back!!!!!! -sigh-

  • i likeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ittttttttttttttttttttttt

  • Really funyyyyyyyyyyy movie, I love it….

  • fantastic superb fabulous

  • good movie

  • indeed good movie

  • vipin sharma 8 years ago

    nice movie i like it than till today movies

  • marvellous movie

  • yousuf 8 years ago

    good nice..movies..

  • Naheed 8 years ago

    Beginning wasnt as funny but the middle to end was non-stop laughter. Loved this film. Great Work.

  • It’s a comedy movie but not too expection. Every think like artifecial. Story is so bad i think this is not a story only some brunch of sane less ad and copy of hip of garbage that sat.

  • mooncheema 8 years ago

    hilarious, fantastic and oscar wining fun……………..

  • biplob 8 years ago

    i love the movie,

  • golmall is very funny ilike this

  • you are world full it is paga

  • This is the best Golmaal out the trilogy, the acting was so much better n Kareena was deffinately on full form, Go Kareena we love u . . .

  • Kareena looked amazin and acted brilliantly, Ajay was too funny lol! On the whole an experience that i will buy on dvd to keep 4eva, Kareena is so amazin’ x

  • Aamir Bangash 8 years ago

    Golmaal is my fav. movie

  • pretty974 8 years ago

    movie very fun and nice

  • rajamussy 8 years ago

    must see this movie i like it tooo much really it is a movie.enjoy good time

  • arshad khuhawar 8 years ago

    golmaal 1 is best of all golmaal parts

  • nice movie great……….

  • Good Movie

  • Dipjyoti 7 years ago

    This is a good side.Down lood this first.

  • Dipjyoti 7 years ago

    This is a good post and good videos&photos.