Knock Out (2010)
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Director: Mani Shankar

Starring: Sanjay Dutt, Irrfan Khan, Kangana Ranaut, Gulshan Grover

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama

Released on: 15 Oct 2010

Writer: Shiraz Ahmed (dialogue), Vishal Dadlani (lyrics), Panchhi Jalonvi (lyrics), Mani Shankar (story), Shellee (lyrics)

IMDB Rating: 5.8/10 (1,261 Votes)

Duration: 116 min

Synopsis: While making a phone call from a phone booth in Worli, Mumbai, Bachubhai alias Tony Khosla, a businessman, who lives with his wife, Lakshmi, and a young daughter, is interrupted by a male. He manages to shove him out, but is interrupted again by another male, and when he shoves him out, this male pulls out a gun but is shot dead by a third unknown male. This third male phones Tony and tells him that he was the one that saved his life, and Tony cannot hang-up the phone, and if he does so, he will be shot dead. With crowds, police, and the media descending on the scene, a hapless Tony will be held hostage, his personal life, including his affair with another woman, will be exposed, while the unrelenting sniper takes his time to clarify why he has decided to hold Tony in this situation.

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Action, Crime, Drama, Hindi Movies



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  • Adnan 7 years ago

    I am an Asian(Pakistani) and i wish this come in reality and money that belong to poor people come back in their hands.

  • adnan 7 years ago

    very nice movie but is a copy of english movie called phonebhoot,

  • shafiq 7 years ago

    this movie is way way better than phonebooth its entertaining all the way well done sanjay and irfaan brilliant movie.

  • Radhika 7 years ago

    I pray to the almighty that film becomes true. The true colors of politicians be exposed.
    Hats-off to the artists and great direction.
    Keep it up.

  • brilliant movie….. hats off to the team of this movie maker !!!

  • Fun Man 7 years ago

    nice site broooo

  • Rajesh Kumar 7 years ago

    wow, what a movie with good story without any Gaaligloj. I wish all the best to all.

  • really nice movie….now it is necessary to make people aware by making movies like that……..
    Hats off ..:)

  • Falah 7 years ago

    Amazing movie…I’m a Pakistani…! Please God teach some lesson to the Pakistani GOV especially Mr Zardari…! May Allah protect my country…

  • brijesha 7 years ago

    Nice Movie…

  • vinod 7 years ago

    I am an has good message to all Indian to save our country wealth protect from our “Corrupted Politicians”.Well done Mani Shankar to unmask politician by this movie……I appeal to all Indian “Stop Giving Bribe to Any Officer and Politician “

  • Vineet 7 years ago

    very nice movie, good message, must watch, it gives message with simplicity, some thrill n action. WELL DONE TO ALL TEAM OF THIS MOVIE, KEEP IT UP.

  • yahoo456 7 years ago

    this moive is great and tell reality from lands like PAK and IND
    PLZ politicers stop annoying poor people

  • tarun 7 years ago

    its a gr8 movie like the wedensday

  • ibrahim 7 years ago

    Copied of Phone booth film BUT the subject of corrupted money bring out from Swiss bank was AWESOME!

  • Imran 7 years ago

    Nice – really vvvvvvvvvvvvv nice – But how many can actually be brave enough to do this. The character of Sanjay is great. Wish someone of that sort comes in reality.

  • sumit katare 7 years ago

    Excellent movie ! must watch

  • Saleem 7 years ago

    great movie pakistan and india has to fight for real independence we all are still slave of politicion

  • i love this movie!!must watch

  • masood baig 7 years ago

    writer write a fantastic and strong excellent movie.

  • mohammad baloch 7 years ago

    f a person say that this movie is not good or it is flop i will kill that person……….. love u sanju u have done a great job as usual……………………….

  • mohammad baloch 7 years ago

    this movie rocks may allah make this movie truth

  • SuVoJ!T 7 years ago

    Owsom movie…after long time (ZINDA), a movie release that would like….

    Reallyyyyyyyyyyyy Nice Movieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…

  • best movie

  • arsalanrazi 6 years ago

    Very intrusting & intertaining movie it’s copy of phone booth but it’s batter then that “10” out of “9” must watch.

  • TAYYAB 6 years ago

    It is very nice movie BECAUSE it has an great Object as compare to phoonebooth

  • Sandeep 5 years ago

    I pray to god it will happen in realty.
    Very good Movie and awesome performance of all actor’s.
    Keep it up Shekar je.