Baseraa (1981)

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Director: Ramesh Talwar

Starring: Shashi Kapoor, Rakhee Gulzar, Rekha, Poonam Dhillon

Genre: Drama, Family

Released on: 25 Sep 1981

Writer: Gulzar (dialogue), Gulzar (screenplay), G.R. Kamath (screenplay), Leela Phansalkar (story)

IMDB Rating: 7.4/10 (59 Votes)

Duration: 139 min

Synopsis: Sharda and her sister Poornima alias Nima live with their widowed father. Since both have come of age, he first arranges Sharda’s marriage with a businessman named Balraj Kohli. Subsequently, Poornima also marries a wealthy young man. But fate has other plans for Nima, for her husband tragically passes away in an accident, leaving her widowed. When Sharda sees her sister in a widow’s garb, she loses her mental balance and is institutionalized in Pune Mental Hospital. After approximately 14 years, an inmate strikes Sharda on her head, she loses consciousness for several days. When she regains her senses, she remembers everything that happened 14 years ago, but is unable to recollect her life in the mental hospital. Her treating psychiatrist is ready to discharge her to the care of her husband and her family. Sharda comes home, everything is about the same, except that her son, Sagar, has grown up and is about to be engaged to Sarita Sethi, and Nima still wears a widow’s garb. A few months later Sharda sees Nima clad in a colorful saree, wearing a bindiya with sindoor in her forehead, and starts suspecting that everything is not it seems to be. She then finds out that Balraj had re-married and also has a son from his second marriage named Babbu. As details come flooding into her she experiences wild paranoia, is unable to trust anyone, as no one is what they claim to be, and she feels alone, lost, helpless, and distrustful. The rest of the family hover around – waiting to see what the new outcome is to be with Sharda and her struggle to fit into a family that has not been her’s for 14 years.

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