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Avam (1987)

Watch Avam 1987 Full Hindi Movie Free Online

Director: B.R. Chopra

Starring: Rajesh Khanna, Ashok Kumar, Smita Patil, Raj Babbar

Genre: Adventure, Mystery, Thriller

Released on: 31 Aug 1987

Writer: Rahi Masoom Reza (dialogue)

IMDB Rating: 5.9/10 (28 Votes)

Duration: 156 min

Synopsis: Indian Army Captain Amar Kumar lives with his father, Ram, and mother, Saraswati. Ram has been associated with top freedom fighters during India’s struggle for independence from the British. Almost all of these freedom fighters had taken advantage of their involvement and have taken up important positions in India’s administration, and these include Jagrathan, and Mohanlal. While others like Vaisakh Ansari and Ram have chosen not to. Amar goes to Delhi and meets Mohanlal, who offers him a position of personal secretary with Jagrathan. Then a chain of events lead to the death of Jagrathan’s pilot son, Surender, resulting in Jagrathan threatening to expose the powers that-be unless they come clean and admit their involvement. Then Jagrathan is killed in a vehicle accident. Before dying he asks Dr. Shabnam to hand-over a key to Amar. Before Shabnam could do so, she is attacked by two unknown men, and wounded. Together with Amar and Rafiq Sayed Jaffrey, they locate the key – but do not know where to locate the lock. Then Shabnam is attacked again, but Amar rescues her. Amar’s world is turned upside down when he is accused of treason, court-martial-ed, and dishonorably discharged from the army. Disillusioned by this, he decides to join the very forces that are involved in treason. And when he does he finds out that he is not amongst strangers at all.

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Adventure, Hindi Movies, Mystery, Thriller



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1 Comment

  • V. Manohar 9 years ago

    Awam one of the Super Hit Movie during 1987 of Super Star Rajesh Khanna.

    AWAM – 1987

    Star Cast : Super Star Rajesh Khanna, Smita Patil, Poonam Dhillon, Satish Shah & Raj Babbar
    Other crews :
    Directed By : B. R. Chopra
    Produced By : B. R. Chopra
    Music By : Ravi Shanker
    Release Date : 11 September 1987.


    When Captain Amar (Super Star Rajesh Khanna) got transferred to Delhi, his father, the well known freedom fighter, Ram Kumar refused to go there with him as he believed that Delhi had become a beehive of corruption. He only advised his son to be guided by hi old comrades of Freedom struggle days – Mohanlal (Shafi Inamdar) and Wehshat Ansari (Ashok Kumar) who were the only two honest people left in Delhi.
    Ram Kumar, Mohanlal and Weshshat Ansari are there friends, who were together during the days of feedom struggle. Together they went to jail and together they would have been executed if independence had not been declared. After Independence Ram Kumar went back to his village to resume his duites as a teacher, Mohanlal converted his sacrifies to his benefit and became a business tycoon. Wahshet on the contrary got broken into two-one half in Pakistan and the other half in India.
    When Amar went to Delhi, a meeting took place between him and his friend Ragique (Raj Babber) who was a gentleman thief. He brough him to the house of Mohanlal where he met his only daughter Sushma (Poonam Dhillon) with whom he fell instantly in love. Mohanlal gets Amar fixed up as a P.A. with the Minister of Defence Purchases (Om Shivpuri) whose Pilot son Surendra (Deepak Prasher) is another old friend of Amar. When Amar meets Colonel Zaidi (Nana Patekar) of Army Intelligence he learns that he was in fact called to investigate into the doings of a SpyRing which was operating to the detriment of the country.
    As the story progresses it comes to light that Mohanlal and Jagrattan besides other important persons are in fact at the back of the Spy Ring and their intternational link appears in the person of Princess Salomi (Manisha). To reach Princess Salomi and her foreign links Amar had to take the help of Rafique and Shabnam (Smita Patil) and discovers the presence of a transmitter.