Kora Kagaz (1974)
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Director: Anil Ganguly

Starring: Vijay Anand, Jaya Bhaduri, Achala Sachdev, A.K. Hangal

Genre: Drama, Musical, Family

Released on: 04 May 1974

Writer: M.G. Hashmat (dialogue), Ashutosh Mukherjee (story), Surendra Shailaj (screenplay)

IMDB Rating: 7.4/10 (180 Votes)

Duration: 136 min

Synopsis: Archana, an educated daughter of retired principal loves Professor Sukhesh. This love born out of intellectual impact is supported by the fond hopes of her father that leads to matrimonial alliance. Archana’s mother is of a different class with materialistic notions of life and she too unwillingly gives her consent to the marriage. Seeds of marital love have not yet flowered into sweet joys of wedlock when whims and ego’s of Archana and Sukhesh start clashing. Though a dutiful loving wife of a sweet husband, Archana is very much the daughter of her mother, who with all good intentions intervenes in the day to day life of the couple. Understanding leads to misunderstandings and the lovers start misinterpreting each other’s sentiments. This ultimately leads to break in marriage – hence the ultimate- eventual separation. Kora Kagaz answers the struggle of intellectual lovers who find it difficult to enjoy marital bliss. The film is a lesson in both love and marriage.

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