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Bhaktaraj (1960)
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Director: V.M. Vyas

Starring: David Abraham, Prem Adib, Master Bhagwan, Sarita Devi

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Drama

Released on: N/A

Writer: V.M. Vyas

IMDB Rating: N/A/10 (N/A Votes)

Duration: 123 min

Synopsis: Yogiraj believes himself to be the most compassionate and caring of all individuals and is displeased when Jatashankar informs him that Ayodhya’s Dharamdas is better than he can ever be. The latter then sets about to test Dharamdas and ensure if he is better than Yogiraj. He comes to know that he s and his wife, Meera, are childless, and convinces the latter to sacrifice a baby goat so that she can bear a child but Dharamdas is able to foil this and severely admonishes Meera. Then the couple adopt a grown orphan, Jamuna, and let her live with them. With Yogiraj’s help Meera is able to conceive and soon gives birth to a baby boy who they name Prabhudas. Then her world will be changed drastically when folks in the community inform her that Dharamdas is having an affair with Kalavati, a courtesan. Unable to bear the shock, she falls down, is unable to regain her senses and is believed to be dead. Dharamdas, while dealing with the passing of Meera, must also deal with more grief as Prabhudas passes away – but more shocks and humiliation are yet to take place when the community gets evidence of his affair with Kalavati.

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