Masterji (1985)
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Director: K. Raghavendra Rao

Starring: Rajesh Khanna, Sridevi, Anita Raj, Kader Khan

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Released on: 31 May 1985

Writer: Bhagyaraj (screenplay), Bhagyaraj (story), Indivar (lyrics), Kader Khan (dialogue)

IMDB Rating: 7.2/10 (35 Votes)

Duration: 178 min

Synopsis: Percocious village belle, Radha, the daughter of Mukhiya Jamnadas, takes a liking to the widowed school-master, Masterji, the father of a toddler; when he spurns her, she publicly accuses him of having an affair with her and forces him to marry her. She then finds out that he really loves his colleague, Shobha, and becomes embittered towards him. Things get out of hand when he and the villagers start suspecting that she may have been responsible for trying to kill his son.

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  • Anonymous 7 years ago

    funny movie suhaag raat ka aisa mohrat nikaloon ga maza aa jaye ga my ass

  • manoharv2001 7 years ago

    Super Star Rajesh Khanna – The Cary Grant of India.

    Rajesh Khanna irrevocably impacted Indian cinema and culture like no actor before him. His acting perfection and application of talent were drawn solely from his inward vision. Khanna did not cultivate the phenomenal attributes that created his “superstardom” by reason or will, but through the connectedness to his own persona that the masses then idealized. For he is one who is impervious as to who is ahead and who is behind. Khanna’s inward vision, a special gift from the divine leads him always. Today he is the indomitable and highly respected veteran of one hindred and fifty films. For me, he is like the Cary Grant of India. Both actors are Capricorns that have played the widest variety of roles without ever bankrupting the fascination of the audience. Khanna is the platinum standard for landmark performances and sheer screen presence. Ever since the camera discovered his photogenia it has been having a love affair with it. His Byronic inspirations of romance as autographed elegantly on screen endure. Rajesh Khanna is a lovemark because he kindles our affections at the highest denominators and that is a life nobly lived means.