Taqdeer (1967)
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Director: A. Salaam

Starring: Bharat Bhushan, Shalini, Farida Jalal, Johnny Walker

Genre: Adventure, Musical, Family

Released on: N/A

Writer: N/A

IMDB Rating: 6.2/10 (21 Votes)

Duration: 108 min

Synopsis: Gopal and Sharda are a Goa-based loving couple with two daughters: Mala and Geeta; and a son, Sushil. They are not very well off and this prompts Gopal to seek employment overseas. He travels by boat and it sinks in a storm, and there are no known survivors. Sharda, destitute and on the verge of starvation, decides to marry wealthy Vijay. Gopal does survive, but loses his memory, and is unable to remember his past life. Then, years later with the children now grown up, Gopal recovers, and returns to Gao, but does not want to interfere with his family’s new found wealth and well-being. Vijay finds out about Gopal, feels threatened, and decides to get rid of him so that no one can come between him and his acquired family.

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Adventure, Family, Hindi Movies, Musical







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