Pyaar Zindagi Hai (2001)

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Director: Vijay Sadanah

Starring: Rajesh Khanna, Mohnish Bahl, Ashima Bhalla, Asawari Joshi

Genre: Thriller

Released on: N/A

Writer: N/A

IMDB Rating: 6.3/10 (18 Votes)

Duration: 158 min

Synopsis: After the marriage of his daughter, Geeta, with army Major Pratap Singh, widower Hridaynath lives a simple middle-class existence with his unmarried daughter, Priya, in Dehra Dun. Geeta, Pratap and their new-born son, Munna, pay them a visit and live with them for a few days. They find out that Hridaynath is under constant threat from a loan shark he had borrowed money from to get Geeta married. Shortly after that Geeta and Pratap leave back home for Ranikhet, and it then that Hridaynath finds out that his loan has been repaid and that they also have a telephone now – thanks to Pratap. Quite unknown to Hridaynath, Pratap has set his eyes on Priya and wants her for himself, so much so that he is willing to kill Geeta and get re-married to Priya on the pretext that Munna needs looking after. So to get the ball rolling, he kills Geeta, informs her dad and sister that she has died of a heart attack, and convinces them to leave Dehra Dun and live with him in Ranikhet. This is where he plans to seduce them both in order to marry Priya – and there is no one who can dare to come in his way.

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  • manoharv2001 7 years ago

    Rajesh Khanna – The Greatest Living Legend and the real & only Super Star of Indian Cinema till date.

    There are romantic leading men and there are romantic leading men, but very few have taken cinematic love to legendary heights. While there might be other icons but Super-Star- Actor Rajesh Khanna after four decades, he is the ultimate true romantic legend.

  • s.jani 6 years ago

    fantastic i like it