Ek Vivaah Aisa Bhi (2008)
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Director: Kaushik Ghatak

Starring: Isha Koppikar, Sonu Sood, Anand Abhyankar, Daman Baggan

Genre: Drama, Romance

Released on: 07 Nov 2008

Writer: Sooraj R. Barjatya (story), Ashapurna Devi (story), Ravindra Jain (lyrics), Shashi Mittal (dialogue & screenplay), Sumit Mittal (dialogue & screenplay)

IMDB Rating: 5.4/10 (258 Votes)

Duration: N/A

Synopsis: Bhopal-based statuesque singing beauty, Chandni Shrivastava, falls in love with wealthy fellow-singer, Prem Ajmera. Her widowed dad, Bhushan, and his widowed mother both approve and they formally get engaged. Bhushan passes away suddenly and Chandni is unable to get married as there is no one to look after her much younger siblings, Anuj and Sandhya, and as a result the wedding gets postponed. She struggles to maintain the family by teaching music and continues to stay in touch with Prem. 12 years later, Anuj gets married to Natasha, and Chandni hopes to wed Prem, but things do terribly wrong when Natasha humiliates Prem and then decides to move out. Sandhya then demands that she re-locate to the U.S. to further her career, while Prem’s mom issues an ultimatum that she either marry Prem immediately or relieve him so that he can get married to someone else.

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Drama, Hindi Movies, Romance



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  • Anonymous 9 years ago

    thanks for the links. good print.

  • Vishal 9 years ago

    Very good movie must watch Typical Rajshree, Great Family entertainer

  • Anonymous 9 years ago

    Bakwas songs ka Bakwas Chitrahar. Donot waste ur time.. naih manoge to baad me mujhe mat bolna….

  • Anonymous 9 years ago

    Itni behuda picture to maine pehele kabhi nahi dekhi.
    Even u dont watch else u will start pulling your hair out.

  • Anonymous 9 years ago

    Director se le kar Spot boys ko main NANGA karke parade karaounga…. kamino ne raat barbad kar di… Isse accha to woh apna Topi master, Gurrieela, Apne aap ko hero samhajne ki galti karne wala, Nakli baal wala (Himesh) ka Kaarzzz accha hai…

  • Anonymous 9 years ago

    Good movie….
    has all typical Rajshri elements but still entertaining

    far far better than some of the prvs rajshri movies

  • Anonymous 9 years ago

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz reham aesi film anani hea toh film na banana zyada acha hea time khrab only my god pagal dunia.

  • Anonymous 9 years ago

    Typical Rajeshree Movie. Best thing is you can see with Family

  • Anonymous 9 years ago

    soooo sweat – good music – soft – heart touching – for all

  • Anonymous 9 years ago

    very sweet family entertainer!!!!

  • Anonymous 9 years ago

    abhi dehki nahi jab dehko gi tab bato gi ok….iss liya wa888888

  • Anonymous 9 years ago

    good movie .heart touching.but one thing i’ll must say that this movie wasn’t like before. may be beacause stars wern’t famous.like salman khan or Shahid Kapoor. still 7 out of 10

  • Anonymous 9 years ago

    v nice

  • Anonymous 9 years ago

    i would rank 8 bcoz each and every character has done their role beautifully.sonu looked awesome than isha

  • Anonymous 9 years ago

    nice movie…………can b watched atleast once.

  • chandrani 9 years ago

    good movie no doubt,emotions,passion are there with right amount.sonu sood is looking very lovable.

  • Anonymous 8 years ago

    nice movie i enjoyed it and for your kind information it was not bakwas or waste of time movie :=}

  • Anonymous 8 years ago

    this movie is fantastic and the every body did their role perfectly so u r dum if u don’t liked it

  • Rajesh 8 years ago

    i dont know later i watch and let you know to all

  • Anonymous 8 years ago

    Very nice, and sweet movie..
    Not at all waste of time,
    and plzz don't comment if you don't like it!

  • Anonymous 8 years ago

    very nice movie and good story i tell my mother to look this type of girl.

    thanks regads
    rajendra kahar

  • Utkarsh 7 years ago

    Beautiful movie! Innocent love plot, sweet music and a touch of actual typical Indian middle class lifestyle that still prevails in the country rather than the wannabe-American cities like Delhi and Mumbai.

    More of such films should come. I am fed up with the sex-themed movies whether it is comedy, action or romance. Tired of seeing women baring it all for the camera every second.

    After all that crap for so many years, such films are a pleasure to one’s eyes and heart.

    Isha and Sonu beautifully played their roles and not even Shah Rukh and Rani could do this so beautifully. It is a real shame that a versatile and super beautiful actress like Isha Koppikar is not able to leave a mark in the industry. Shows the skin-baring and shallow movie trend that dumb wannabe-American type people are obsessed with these days.

    Shaan and Shreya have sung all songs very sweetly and the film has a classical theme that adds color to it. I would give the movie 95/100.