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The Mystery of the Taj Mahal (1998)
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TV Series:
“Ancient Voices” – The Mystery of the Taj Mahal (1998)

Ornate. Magnificent. Imposing. As intricate as it is enormous, the Taj Mahal is renowned as the most spectacular building on earth. Built more than 300 years ago by the mighty Emperor Shah Jahan to memorize his beloved Queen, it has stood for centuries as the ultimate monument to love. But new evidence now reveals a different side of the Taj Mahal-and the extraordinary and contradictory person who created it. Journey back in time to the height of the wealthy and ruthless Mughal Empire to uncover the secrets of the so-called : Throne of God.” Experience the incredible beauty and detail of its architectural layout. For the first time ever, take a tour of the fabled “Black Taj,” an unbuilt mirror image of the existing structure. And discover the tragic and ironic end to the story of this exquisite and timeless wonder of the world.

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Charles Foster … Additional Voices (voice)
Mark Hamill … Narrator (voice)

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