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Thanedaar (1990)
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Director: Raj N. Sippy

Starring: Jeetendra, Sanjay Dutt, Jayapradha, Madhuri Dixit

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama

Released on: 10 Dec 1990

Writer: Vinay Shukla

IMDB Rating: 5.9/10 (241 Votes)

Duration: 152 min

Synopsis: Thakur Azghar Singh lord over a small Indian village named Jalcott killing anyone standing in his way. When an honest police inspector Jagdish Chandar attempts to bring him to justice he is killed by a stalker hired through Lawrence and Peter by Azghar Singh. The inspector leaves to mourn two young boys, one of them Brijesh who killed the stalker and is inducted into Lawrence and Peter gang and the other Avinash who grows up with the police commissioner and becomes a police officer like his dad. Meanwhile Brijesh has just been released from jail; rob a jewelery store, escapes with the stolen loot, board a train entering to a fist-cuff with his brother Avinash throws him off the running train and making good his escape to Jalcott with his girlfriend Chanda. Once there he impersonates Avinash, started to rally the villagers and accepts bribe from Azghar Singh. But he is forced to take a stand when Azghar Singh attempts to molest Chanda and to complicate matters more Avinash’s wife arrives there to look for her husband – with Brijesh all set to clear his sentence he will have to face the contended wrath of Azghar Singh, Avinash’s wife and a mysterious masked horse-rider.

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