Junoon (1992)
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Director: Mahesh Bhatt

Starring: Tom Alter, Rakesh Bedi, Pooja Bhatt, K.D. Chandran

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Released on: 18 Sep 1992

Writer: Robin Bhatt

IMDB Rating: 5.7/10 (230 Votes)

Duration: N/A

Synopsis: Nita lives a middle-class lifestyle with her mom and dad in Bombay, India, and works as a Surgeon in a hospital. She is of marriageable age, & is in love with a struggling Musician/Singer named Ravi, much to the chagrin of her mom, who wants her to marry someone who is wealthy. One day a badly wounded male is admitted into the hospital, is pronounced dead, but recovers, and with Nita’s help recuperates and is discharged. He visits Nita’s home, introduces himself as wealthy Vikram Chauhan and asks her parents for the hand of Nita, who immediately accept. But Nita wants to marry Ravi and plans to elope with him. On that fateful day, Ravi fails to keep his appointment and a heartbroken Nita decides to get married to Vikram. The marriage takes place with great pomp and ceremony. When Ravi attempts to re-enter Nita’s life, she forbids him. Little does she know that Ravi’s plans had been sabotaged by none other than Vikram – who is in reality a human during daytime, and at midnight is transformed into a ferocious man-eating tiger – and she may well be his next meal.

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