Mitr, My Friend (2002)
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Director: Revathy

Starring: Shobana, Nassar Abdulla, Preeti Vissa, Matt Phillips

Genre: Drama

Released on: 21 Feb 2002

Writer: Priya V. (story), Sudha Kongara (screenplay), P.K. Mishra (lyrics), Subba Iyer (lyrics)

IMDB Rating: 6.7/10 (189 Votes)

Duration: 104 min

Synopsis: Chidambaram-based Lakshmi gets married to Prithvi and re-locates to live with him in San Francisco, U.S.A.. Even though he is employed, he makes time for her and they soon become parents of a girl, Divya. Not willing to entrust her to strangers for Day Care nor baby-sitting, she undertakes to look Divya on her own, while Prithvi opens his own business and begins to neglect her. When Divya starts attending high school and befriending males, Lakshmi objects, leading to the former moving out, with Prithvi blaming his wife for these turn of events. It will not be too long before Divya finds out that her mother may be having an affair with their neighbor, Steve; while Lakshmi suspects Prithvi is involved with his employee, Pam.

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