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Mera Krodh (Sambo Siva Sambho) (2010)

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Aasteen Ka Sanp (2010)

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Director: Katta Deva Starring: Jeeva, Sundeep Kishan, Vennela Kishore, Sai Kumar Genre: Action, Drama Released on: N/A Writer: N/A IMDB Rating: N/A Duration: 171 min

Red Eagle (2010) (In Hindi)

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Year 2016, Bangkok is a rotten capital infested with chaos and criminals. Widespread corruption by politicians has dipped the moral compass to a new low...

Kung Fu Panda Holiday (2010) (In Hindi)

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The Winter Festival is coming and Po is asked to host the great exclusive formal banquet for all the Masters of Kung Fu. However, the occasion is on the same night as his father's restaurant's own party and Mr. Ping, upset at his son's absence, will not cancel it to cook for the masters at Po's request. Burdened by his father's imposed guilt about his conflicting responsibilities, Po finds all the preparations a dispiriting struggle. However, the solution comes from where he least expects it even as the panda must decide who truly needs him more on the big night.

Firebreather (2010) (In Hindi)

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All Duncan wants is to be a normal kid in a normal school. Until he realizes he is something very far away from normal.

Mera Iraada (Aakasa Ramanna) (2010)

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Last Kung Fu Monk (2010) (In Hindi)

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A Shaolin Monk comes to the United States to take care of his deceased brother's son. He establishes a school with a former student who leads him into trouble with the Russian Mafia.

Ramabai Bhimrao Ambedkar (2010)

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Director: Prakash Jadhav Starring: Nisha Perulkar, Ganesh Jethe, Dashrath Hathirkar, Manoj Takane Genre: Drama, Family Released on: N/A Writer: N/A IMDB Rating: N/A Duration: 123 min

Hum Hain Champions (Sye Aata) (2010)

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A dance choreographer and her team of children come between two feuding gangs.

Jai Shree Shanidev (2010)

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Director: Vijay Tolani Starring: Ali Asghar, Sonika Handa, Dev Malhotra, Sanjeevni Bidkar, Dev Sharma, Madhurima Tiwari Genre: Drama, Devotional Released on: N/A Writer: N/A IMDB Rating: N/A Duration...

Wrecked (2010) (In Hindi)

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A man awakens in a mangled car-wreck at the bottom of a steep cliff. Injured and trapped inside, with no memory of how he got there or who he is, he must rely on his most primal instincts to survive. But as he attempts to free himself from the carnage and escape an impossible situation, a darker side is revealed. Even if he manages to survive, the man may have to face the horrible consequences of an earlier, forgotten life.

Mera Aakhri Faisla (Kanagavel Kaaka) (2010)

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Qatil Aankhen (2010)

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Director: Dr. Kailash Dangi Starring: Ishika Solanki, Rajni Mehta, Vinod Tripathi, Pawan Panchal, Mansi Pandey Genre: Adult Released on: N/A Writer: N/A IMDB Rating: N/A Duration: 126 min

Bhavani IPS (2010)

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Diler Hindustani (Anwar) (2010)

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Future X-Cops (2010) (In Hindi)

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A cop travels back in time to take on a corporation that's out to eliminate a doctor who has created a new technology which can break up the monopoly on a energy resources.

Grown Ups (2010) (In Hindi)

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In 1978, five 12-year-olds win a CYO basketball championship. Thirty years later, they gather with their families for their coach's funeral and a weekend at a house on a lake where they used to party. By now, each is a grownup with problems and challenges: Marcus is alone and drinks too much. Rob, with three daughters he rarely sees, is always deeply in love until he turns on his next ex-wife. Eric is overweight and out of work. Kurt is a househusband, henpecked by wife and mother-in-law. Lenny is a successful Hollywood agent married to a fashion designer; their kids take privilege for granted. Can the outdoors help these grownups rediscover connections or is this chaos in the making?

Ek Aur Maseeha (2010)

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Director: Salim Baba Starring: Manikuttan, Shweta Menon Genre: Action, Drama Released on: N/A Writer: N/A IMDB Rating: N/A Duration: 133 min

Barbie – A Fashion Fairytale (2010) (In Hindi)

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Barbie's modern adventure takes her to Paris, where she makes new friends and meets magical characters that discover their true designer talents and use their inner sparkle to save the day!

Cats & Dogs – The Revenge of Kitty Galore (2010) (In Hindi)

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In the age-old battle between cats and dogs, one crazed feline has taken things a paw too far. Kitty Galore, formerly an agent for cat spy organization MEOWS, has gone rogue and hatched a diabolical plan to not only bring her canine enemies to heel, but take down her former kitty comrades and make the world her scratching post. Faced with this unprecedented threat, cats and dogs will be forced to join forces for the first time in history in an unlikely alliance to save themselves -- and their humans.

Legend of the Guardians – The Owls of Ga’Hoole (2010) (In Hindi)

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Soren, a young barn owl, is kidnapped by owls of St. Aggie's, ostensibly an orphanage, where owlets are brainwashed into becoming soldiers. He and his new friends escape to the island of Ga'Hoole, to assist its noble, wise owls who fight the army being created by the wicked rulers of St. Aggie's.

Paranormal Activity 2 (2010) (In Hindi)

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Daniel Rey along with his wife, Kristi; daughter, Ali; toddler son, Hunter, and their dog, move to Carlsbad, California. A few days later their residence is broken into, however, nothing appears to be missing. In order to prevent re-occurrences, they install a number of security cameras that will record everything on a DVR. After they hire a Spanish-speaking nanny to look after Hunter, she informs them that there is something wrong in their house and performs prayers, much to the chagrin of Daniel, who lets her go. He will subsequently regret this decision as more inexplicable and strange incidents occur, with Ali concluding, after a research, that their house may be possessed by a demonic entity.

The Kingdom of Solomon (2010) (In Hindi)

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Solomon, Prophet and the King, has asked God to give him an ideal kingdom which has never been given to anybody before. He is told to prepare himself and his subjects with evil and unearthly creatures that haunt the men.

Aaj Ka Sultan (2010) (In Hindi)

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Director: N/A Starring: N/A Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller Released on: N/A Writer: N/A IMDB Rating: N/A Duration: N/A

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