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Jeet Meri Hai (2000)

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Director: Ravi Raja Pinisetty Starring: Srihari, Vineeth, Raasi, Maheshwari, M S Narayana, Nagesh, G V Sudhakar Genre: Action Released on: N/A Writer: N/A IMDB Rating: N/A Duration: 149 min

Doraemon in Nobitas Great Adventure in the South Seas (2011)

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Director: N/A Starring: N/A Genre: Animation Released on: 2011 Writer: N/A IMDB Rating: N/A/10 (N/A Votes) Duration: 100 min

Dracula (1999)

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Dracula comes back from the grave to exact revenge on fat women searching for a snake-jewel a.k.a 'Nagmani'. Everybody is searching for this jewel and encroaching upon Dracula's resting place. He is not happy.

Taxi Driver (1973)

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Daku Veerappan (2001)

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Kapurush Mahapurush (1965)

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A retired lawyer meets a holy man # Birinchi Baba (Charuprakash Ghosh) and his assistant (Robi Ghosh) # on his way back from a pilgrimage # and is totally taken in by his supernatural life. The holy man is on first name terms with Buddha and all the gods of the Hindu pantheon. What the world calls 'Cruci-fiction' he calls 'Cruci-fact' because he has seen it with his own eyes! He even starts giving orations to an audience of the rich and famous at the lawyer's residence. The gullible lawyer decides to get his entire family initiated into the guru's fold # including his unmarried younger daughter (Gitali Roy) who is being courted by a young man (Satindra Bhattacharya). His group of intelligent and rationalist friends (Somen Bose et al) decide to take matters in their own hands # and hatch a plot to expose the smooth-talking charlatan.

Dev Anand in Goa (Alias Farar) (1955)

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Starring: Dev Anand    ...     Gora Geeta Bali    ...     Kitty Manmohan Krishna    ...     Dr. Pillay Mehmood Kamal Krishan Dhawan    ...     Police Inspector - Goa Krishnakant Anand Pal Bhagwan Sinha Uni...

Aladdin Aur Jadui Chirag (1952)

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A poor young man finds a lamp with a genie trapped inside. The genie promises to grant the man three wishes if he frees him from the lamp.

Bewafai (1985)

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Starring: Rajesh Khanna    ...     Ashok Nath Rajnikanth    ...     Ranvir Padmini Kolhapure    ...     Renu Meenakshi Sheshadri    ...     Vinny Tina Munim    ...     Asha Pran    ...     Diwan Sardarilal (As...

Adalat (1958)

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Starring: Pradeep Kumar    ...     Barrister Rajindra R. 'Rajen' Singh Nargis    ...     Nirmala Pran    ...     Pandit Kedarnath / Sharif Ahmed Murad    ...     Thakur Ranbir Singh Achala Sachdev    ...     Dr...

Shankara (1991)

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Shankra is coming on a road on the way he asks one address with a girl and accordingly he reaches a Haveli. There Rani Maa introduces him to everyone and tells her decision to marry her daughter with Shankra. On hearing this Diwanji and Munshiji become perturbed. One dacoit Kaher Singh and makes a plan against Shankra in the Haveli Munshi's nephew Popatlal also thinks to marry Seema. When Seema getting married to Shankra and even three Phera had been completed Kahar Singh with his men and starts firing. Seema and Shankra are injured.

Shiv Senapati

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Director: Kamalakar Torne Starring: Suryakant, Sarla Yevlekar, Chitranan Kolhatkar, Sanjeevani Bidkar, Raj Shekhar, Ganpati Patil, Kamni Bhatiya, Kuldeep Pawar Genre: Drama Released on: N/A Writer: N/A ...

Tridev Pyar Ki Jung (2006)

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For generations, the eldest daughter of a certain family has danced at the Lord Shiva temple. Pournami spends years training for the ceremony that occurs every twelve years, but mysteriously disappears before the big day. A stranger arrives in town and offers to teach the dance to Pournami's younger sister, Chandrakala. The girl's father is hesitant until he learns of the stranger's past. Meanwhile an evil landlord makes plans of his own for Chandrakala...

Gul-E-Bakawali (1963)

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Paap Ko Jalaa Kar Raakh Kar Doonga (1988)

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Bachelor Shankar Saxena lives with his elder brother, Chief Engineer Vinay, his wife, Kavita, and their daughter of marriageable age, Pooja. Shankar is an undercover CBI Officer, a fact that was hidden from the rest of the family, until only recently. Vinay would like Pooja to get married to Deepak Malhotra, who works in his office, and is quite unaware that Deepak and Pooja have already met and are very much in love. Although Deepak comes from a poor family, and lives with his widowed and blind mother, Vinay does not foresee this as a problem. Then suddenly things change dramatically when Vinay suspects Deepak of accepting bribes from a corrupt builder named Shaadilal, fires Deepak, pending a police investigation. And to make matters worse, Shankar too is aware of Deepak - not as a groom for his niece, but as a suspect for murder!! But before he could arrest Deepak, he must execute a warrant for the arrest of none other than Vinay himself. Watch as events unfold enveloping this family in a web of deceit, intrigue, distrust, and terror.

Paap Ki Aandhi (1991)

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Dharma is the local hoodlum in a small town in India, who terrorizes everyone in the town and forces them to pay him "protection money". No police officer has dared to stand in Dharma's way, except for Inspector Dilawar, only to be subsequently subdued and publicly humiliated by Dharma. When drug dealer brothers, Gorakh and Paras, hear about Dharma, they invite him to join them, but Dharma refuses. They decide to teach him a lesson by asking Jaggu to molest his sister, Kamla, which he does, but is severely beaten by Dharma. Kamla is in love with Vijay, and Dharma permits them to get married. Then Dharma is arrested, tried in Court, convicted of assault, and the prosecution main witness is none other than Vijay. An angered Dharma escapes from police custody and brutally rapes Laxmi, Vijay's sister. After the marriage, Vijay is killed at the hands of Jaggu, who is eventually hunted down and killed by Dharma. When Dharma goes to deal with Gorakh and Paras, he is surrounded by the police, arrested, tried in court, and sentenced to prison for life. After 30 years he returns home to find that Laxmi has sired his son, Mangal, who has grown up to be another "Dharma" who is now working for Gorakh and Paras; his sister is widowed, and has a son, CBI Inspector Vikrant - who has been instructed to arrest Mangal - dead or alive.

Angaaray (1986)

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Starring: Rajesh Khanna    ...     Ravi Smita Patil    ...     Arti Varma Raj Babbar    ...     Inspector Vijay Shakti Kapoor    ...     Mr. Jolly Alankar Joshi    ...     Sanjay Varma - Arti's brother (as Alan...

The Real Dream Girls (2005)

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Director: Suresh Jain Starring: Gulshan Rana , Tanveer , Karishma , Dipti Verma Genre: Adult Released on: 2005 Writer: N/A IMDB Rating: N/A Duration: 122 min

Khooni Tantrik (2001)

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Rajan and Rajni have been married for several years but are childless. Rajni goes to worship Hindu Devas and Devis in various temples in order to give birth, but this irritates Rajan. Then late one night when Rajni goes to Baba Bhairavnath to seek his blessings, Rajan follows her, thinking she is having an affair, and ends up killing Bhairavnath, prompting his evil brother, Bhootnath, to kill Rajan, and curse Rajni with a devil child. Shortly thereafter, Rajni gives birth to a male deformed child, Bhootnath takes possession of the child and leaves it in an open grave. The monstrous child grows up quickly and starts killing the townspeople one by one - and there is no power on Earth that can stop it.

Madhosh (1994)

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Hitech Khiladi (2008)

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Bobby: Love and Lust (2005)

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Starring: Monalisa    ...     Bobby D'Costa Usha Bachani Gaurav Dixit    ...     Uday Milind Gunaji Mohan Joshi Hyder Kazmi    ...     Kay Kay Director: Rakesh Parmaar Server 1 – Youtube Watch Full...

Jantar Mantar (1964)

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Khoon Ki Pyasi Daayan (1998)

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