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Actress (1948)

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Starring: David Abraham Rehana Director: Najam Naqvi Server 1 – Youtube Watch Full Movie Server 1 – Youtube Watch Full Movie

Lahore (1949)

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Starring: Pratima Devi Karan Dewan Nargis Om Prakash Director: M.L. Anand Server 1 – Youtube Watch Full Movie Server 2 – Youtube Watch Full Movie Server 3 – Youtube Watch Full Movie ...

Dholak (1951)

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Starring: Katju Manmohan Krishna Tun Tun Ajit Ameer Bano Khatana Majnu Yashodhara Ved Puri Uma Devi Shamlal Shakuntala Ramlal Meena Director: Roop K. Shorey Server 1 – Youtube Watch Ful...

Sazaa (1951)

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Starring: Dev Anand    ...     Ashok Nimmi    ...     Asha Shyama    ...     Kamini K.N. Singh    ...     Major Dhurjan Singh Durga Khote Mukri    ...     Batwa Gope    ...     Seth Mothumal Lalita Pawar...

Nau Bahar (1952)

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Starring: Ashok Kumar    ...     Ashok Nalini Jaywant Kuldip Kaur    ...     Kamala Jagdish Sethi Randhir Badri Prasad Shivraj Rama Sunalini Devi Pesi Patel        (as Pessi Patel) Noor Jehan        (...

Dil-E-Nadan (1953)

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Starring: Talat Mahmood Shyama Shyam Kumar Dewan Sharar Ramesh S.N. Banerjee Master Romi Peace Kanwal A.L. Ramesh Agha Miraz Miss Firoza Director: Abdul Rashid Kardar Server 1 – Dailymotion ...

Hulchul (1951)

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Starring: Nargis    ...     Asha Sitara    ...     Madame Neelam Dilip Kumar    ...     Kishore Jeevan    ...     Paul K.N. Singh    ...     Asha's brother Faizi Balraj Sahni    ...     The jailer (as Bal...

Dil Ek Mandir (1963)

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Starring: Meena Kumari    ...     Sita Rajendra Kumar    ...     Dr. Dharmesh Raaj Kumar    ...     Ram Mehmood    ...     Lallu Lal Shubha Khote    ...     Mynavati Manmohan Krishna    ...     Philip Ach...

Nagina (1951)

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Twelve years ago, Shreenath's father was accused of murdering a woman and disappeared into the night. He hasn't been seen since, and is now believed to be dead himself. Hoping to prove his father's innocence and discover his ultimate fate, Shreenath returns to the scene of the crime. He discovers that a crumbling mansion and its labyrinth of underground tunnels are the hunting grounds in a search for a ring containing the priceless Nagina stone. He also meets Mukta, a beautiful and enigmatic young woman. Can she help him unlock the mystery amongst the ghostly ruins?

Basant (1960)

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After arguing with her father over the possibility of a marriage to Rajesh, spoiled rich girl Meenakshi runs away from home. She finds herself in hot water when a thief called Billoo swipes her bag and her father sends the police after her. However, Ashim Kumar comes to her rescue. Deciding to travel together, Meenakshi and Ashim begin to fall in love, while the ever-persistent Billoo continues to trail them. To put their love to the test, the pair decide to temporarily separate; but misunderstandings, false accusations, and a horrific sudden tragedy threaten to tear them apart forever...

Char Dervesh (1964)

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Khamer Bhakt is a handsome young man, who lives with only motive in mind - trouble. And he does negatively effect lives of his two brothers, Karim and Rahim, as well as others in the community. One day he ventures into the private chambers of the Shehzadi Nargis Banu, and incurs the wrath of the palace king and his guards. But Nargis has him forgiven, for both have fallen in love with each other. She announces in the palace that she will marry a man, who will bring back her missing sister, Hamida, and Khamer accepts the challenge. He goes through an evil magician, and does rescue Hamida, but ends up making a promise to Marjina, a shape-changing snake, that he will only love and marry Hamida, and fulfill her every wish, or else he will be cursed for life. The palace and it's people are overjoyed to see Hamida back, and arrangements are made for Nargis to get married to Khamer. Khamer now realizes that if he marries Nargis, he will be cursed; and if he marries Hamida, then he will break his vow to Nargis, and so the ultimate choice is on Khamer, as he has to decide what is best for him.

Musafir (1957)

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Starring: Suchitra Sen    ...     Shakuntala Verma Shekhar    ...     Ajay (as Sekhar) Bipin Gupta    ...     Nilambar Sharma (as Bepin Gupta) Durga Khote    ...     Mrs. Nilambar Sharma Nirupa Roy    ...  ...

Kaalia (1997)

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Starring: Dipti Bhatnagar    ...     Kalicharan's wife Mithun Chakraborty    ...     Kalicharan 'Kaalia' Kiran Kumar Johnny Lever Ram Mohan    ...     Police Commissioner Mukesh Raza Murad Paintal Rami ...

Badla (1974)

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Former imprisoned convict, Kumar, returns to the town where he was arrested. He meets with his girlfriend, Kalpana, and her uncle and aunt. He spends the night at a hotel with a woman named Nisha. In the morning, he wakes up with a gun in his hand, and the lifeless body of Deputy Superintendent of Police, Lobo, shot dead in his room. He seeks the assistance of Kalpana, who arranges for him to live at her uncles' place. When Kumar, whose real name is Raju, locates Nisha, and goes to question her. The next day Nisha goes missing. When Raju goes to talk to the hotel manager where he was staying, the Manager gets killed. Now Raju must run from the police, as they seek to question him for two murders, and possibly one abduction.

Sagaai (1966)

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Starring: Biswajeet    ...     Rajesh Prem Chopra    ...     Kailash Helen    ...     Dancer Iftekhar    ...     Hospital doctor Jayant    ...     Dwarkanath Durga Khote    ...     Sheel's mom Raj Mehra  ...

Mission – The Last War (2008)

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Starring: Nirmal Pandey Aruna Irani Raza Murad Amrish Puri Suchi Kumar Yunus Parvez Shanti Priya Roshni Vikas Anand Dilshad Director: Hayat Aashif Server 1 – Youtube Watch Full Movie

Meri Ishq Ki Kahani

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Starring: Ashwini Bhave Ramesh Bhatkar Yashwant Dutt Dr. Mohan Aggasey Baby Punam Sadhna Joglekar Sanjay Jadhav Hemant Pandit Director: Kumar Sohoni Server 1 – Dailymotion Watch Part 1 Watch...

Himmatvar (1996)

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Starring: Arun Bakshi        (as Arun Baxi) Gajendra Chouhan    ...     Inspector Patil Dharmendra    ...     Sultan Dinesh Hingoo Hitesh    ...     Jai Mohan Joshi    ...     Damodar / DK Bharat Kapoor  ...

Maya Ya Maut (2008)

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Starring: Dinesh Mehta Urmila Rashmi Yadav Amit Pachori Kajal Mishra Director: K Bhushan Server 1 – Youtube Watch Full Movie Server 2 – Nowvideo Watch Full Movie Server 3 – Novamov W...

Tum Karo Vaada (1993)

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After young Raj, who lives with his widowed mom, Rama, writes to jailed inmate St. Michael about how to escape from a maximum security prison, Michaels escapes, and decides to make Raj his disciple. Years later, Raj and Michael are still together and continue to pull a number of stunts to make fast money and better their lives. Raj meets with wealthy Soniya and both fall in love with each other. It is then Rama tells Raj that his dad's business partner, Dilip, had tricked his dad into signing away his entire estate, killed him, and left them penniless. Raj along with Michaels decides to teach Dilip a lesson. He gets to meet Dilip, who now runs a gambling den and casino, befriends him, and tricks him into losing almost all his wealth. An enraged Dilip hires several men to find Raj and bring him back to alive, so that he get his money back. Raj is all set to defend himself and kill Dilip, until he finds out that Dilip is none other than Soniya's dad.

Sanam Tere Hain Hum (1992)

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Starring: Vinie Malik Upasana Singh Amita Nangia Kulbhushan Kharbanda Reeta Bhaduri Aloknath Aruna Irani Kiran Kumar Prem Chopra Rakesh Bedi Gurbhachan Raja Duggal Sunil Dhawan Director: V. Me...

Main Hoon Sherni (1992)

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Starring: Archana Puran Singh Dara Singh Raza Murad Johnny Lever Kiran Kumar Sripradha Director: Suresh Bohra Server 1 – Youtube Watch Full Movie

Lalach (1983)

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Starring: Vinod Mehra Bindiya Goswami Pran Ranjeet Jagdeep Anant Nag Kaajal Kiran Director: Shankar Nag Server 1 – Youtube Watch Full Movie

Ghar Ki Lakshmi

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Starring: Anand Raj Rajshri Kirti Rawal Simple Shah Ajit Vachhani Kalpana Diwan Director: Kirit Rawal Server 1 – Youtube Watch Full Movie

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