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Shola Aur Shabnam (1961)

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Rangeen Raaten (1956)

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Zakhmi Naagin (2004)

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Director: Suresh Jain Starring: Tanveer, Bhavana, Shazid Kanchan Raj, Yashmeen Genre: Horror, Mature Released on: 2004 Writer: N/A IMDB Rating: N/A Duration: N/A

Massey Sahib (1985)

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In a small, tribal district town of Central India in 1929, Francis Massey is the 'English Type Babu' at the Deputy Commissioner's office. Massey believes that because he is Christian and can speak English, he is a cut above other Indians and not very different from the white sahibs he serves. For a man of lowly birth, Massey has risen to a dizzying height. On the other hand, he acknowledges no realistic limits to his own free spirit. Whenever the real world fails him, he improvises - boldly, imaginatively. Alas, the unsmiling, implacable machinery of the Raj has no room for Massey Sahib, the travelling salesman, road foreman and entertainer. Right up to the bitter end, Massey believes that Deputy Commissioner Adam Sahib will step in and save him.

Maharani Padmini (1964)

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Bindiya Aur Bandook (1972)

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Badnaam (1976)

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Marte Dum Tak (2002)

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Director: N/A Starring: Sai Kumar, Thriller Manju, Dasario Arun Kumar, Vani Viswanath, Rami Reddy, Zarina Genre: Action Released on: N/A Writer: N/A IMDB Rating: N/A Duration: 125 min

Surya Bhai Mbbs (2000)

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Director: Jaya K R Starring: Surya, Jyothika, Raghuvaran, Sivakumar, Radhika, Chinni Jayanth Genre: Action, Romance Released on: N/A Writer: N/A IMDB Rating: N/A Duration: 136 min

College Girl (1978)

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Phaans – Ek Jasoos Ki Kahani (2010)

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Director: Jawahar Lal Jairath Starring: Kanan Malhotra, Moin Khan, Raza Murad, Shiva, Reshma Modi, Amita Nangia, Adil Rana, Shiraj Murtaza Genre: Thriller Released on: 5 Feb 2010 Writer: N/A IMDB Rating...

Duvidha (1975)

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Film is Based on Duvidha by Vijayadan Detha, it's about merchant's son, whose relationship with his young bride, Lachhi is thwarted by his work and a ghost who falls in love with her, resulting in the ghost soon impersonating the husband.

The Life & Times of Gautama Buddha (2007)

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Director: Allani Sridhar Starring: Sunil Sharma, Kausha Rach, Suman, Puneet Issar, Surender Pal, Parvati Melton, Master Siva Genre: Drama, Devotional Released on: 2007 Writer: Dr. D.K.Goel IMDB Rating: ...

Mere Dost Picture Abhi Baaki Hai (2012)

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Shirin Farhad (1956)

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Shehzadi Shirin takes a liking to a fawn raised by Farhad, takes it to her royal gardens but permits him to visit it everyday. Both grow close together and fall in love. When she reaches the age of 16, her Pufi forbids her to see Farhad anymore, while Tehran's Shahenshah, who has acquired his kingdom due to his marriage to his present wife, Miriam, wants to wed Shirin - even if it means sacrificing everything. When Pufi finds out that the Shirin and Farhad have been meeting each other on the sly, she informs Shirin's father, who has Farhad arrested and is even ready to behead him, but his daughter asks for mercy and in return is willing to sacrifice her love and marry Husro. Watch as a seemingly insane Farhad follows Shirin to Iran - where he will be asked to perform an impossible task - create a stream of milk from a rocky mountain.

Lava Kusa – The Warrior Twins (2010)

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Lava and Kusa were born to mother Sita at Sage Valmiki's hermitage. They grew up learning the essence of Ramayana and master the art of war by using divine weapons from the guidance of Sage Valmiki. The story is about their thrilling childhood experiences blended with action, comedy and enchanting magical powers. On invitation the twins set off to Ayodhya to recite Valmiki Ramayana in front of the King Rama. The twins learn that Mata Sita was sent to vanvas by Lord Rama. They return from Ayodhya with anger and rage towards lord Rama. Lord Rama performs Aswamedha yagna for the propriety of his kingdom. The twins happen to read the declaration of Lord Rama inscripted on a golden plate on the forehead on the horse, and arrests the horse. They hope that this would bring Lord Rama in front of them, so that they can question him regarding the ill treatment given to Mata Sita and to debate on Lord Rama's most acclaimed principle of dharma. They arrest the Aswamedha horse thus inviting the mighty Ayodhya Empire to a war against them.

Hip Hip Hurray (1984)

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Ek Shola (1956)

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Bombay-based tenant, Nirmal Kumar, dramatically meets with his dancer/singer neighbor, Mala Sinha, and both fall in love. They decide to get married and move in together along with their respective servants, Pedro and Mary. Nirmal is confident that his parents, Rai Bahadur Ishwardas and mother, as well as younger brother, Anand, and school-going sister, Usha, will welcome Mala with open arms. When he gets a telegram to come home, he accordingly takes Mala with him and they travel via train. Once there, he and Mala will both get a shock when his parents, who have fixed his marriage with Shobha, the daughter of wealthy Diwan Chamanlal, will not only disapprove of Mala but also humiliate her. When Nirmal attempts to defend her, his enraged father asks them to move out, compelling his mother to object, fall down and pass away. Blaming Mala's entry in their house as an ill-omen, Ishwardas reiterates that they leave immediately. The question remains: What will Mala and Nirmal do under these circumstances?

Lajwanti (1958)

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Having been unjustly accused of having an affair, a dutiful and loving wife is thrown out of the house by her husband and forced to abandon her baby. When mother and child are eventually reunited, the mother faces an uphill struggle to regain the love of her daughter.

Kaam Vasna (1999)

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Director: K I Sheikh Starring: Shah Gayaz Khan, Mohini, Jyoti Rana, Vinod Tripathi, Shehzad Khan, Reenu Shah Genre: Adult, Mature Released on: N/A Writer: N/A IMDB Rating: N/A Duration: 104 min

Garam Honeymoon

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Director: M S Gupta Starring: M. S Gupta, Keertana, Anu, Abhinaya Sri Genre: Adult, Mature Released on: N/A Writer: N/A IMDB Rating: N/A Duration: 131 min

Mera Sona

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Director: N/A Starring: Shakeela, Anju, Sowmya, Devan, Sattar Genre: Adult Released on: N/A Writer: N/A IMDB Rating: N/A Duration: 77 min

Mr. Majnu (2011)

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Director: Geeta Tomar Starring: Akshat, Neha Singh, Saurabh Puri, Neha Dogra, Goldy Sahani, Baba Antony Genre: Romance Released on: N/A Writer: N/A IMDB Rating: N/A Duration: 124 min


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Director: Suresh Jain Starring: Tanveer, Abbu Khan, Shaheen Genre: Adult Released on: N/A Writer: N/A IMDB Rating: N/A Duration: 78 min

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