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Agar… If (1977)

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Starring: Amol Palekar ... Anil Agarwal Zarina Wahab ... Anju A. Agarwal Kader Khan ... Daver Vijayendra Ghatge ... Vijay Sohni Tun Tun ... Champakali (Agarwal housemaid) Jagdeep ... School-teacher Gulsha...

Inspector Kiran (2004)

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Starring: Mukesh Ahuja Abhay Bhargav Rajshree Debnath Ramesh Goyal Milind Gunaji Ryshab Jain Janardhan Aslam Khan Suhaas Khandke Shashi Kiran Nina Kulkarni Nitin Kumar Nirmal Pandey Ramesh Parmar Mahe...

Naadan Ladkiyan (2000)

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Starring: Oorvashi Sona Sindhuri Vadivelu Director: Azhaguraja Sundaram Server 1 – Dailymotion Watch Full Movie Server 2 - Youtube Watch Full Movie

Jung Watan Ke Liye (2007)

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Starring: Devaraj Shoba Raj Sathya Jeeth Harish Raj Archana Indira Rajesh Director: Srivasu Server 1 – Youtube Watch Full Movie Server 2 – Youtube Watch Full Movie Server 3 – Youtube ...

Badal – The Strong Man (2006)

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Starring: Prabhas Aarti Agarwal Ramya Krishna Rajiv Kanakala Nassar Siva Reddy Ganesh Ranganath Brahmanandam G V Sudhakar Seema Ajay Ratnam Telangana Sakuntala Venu Madhav Malladi Raghav Ravibabu...

Badnaam (1975)

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Dilwale Kabhi Na Hare (1992)

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Rahul and Vijay are close friends, and have been so for quite sometime. Rahul meets with attractive Anjali, and both fall in love. Vijay also meets with Anjali and he, too, falls in love with her. When Rahul finds out that his buddy loves the same woman, he decides to step aside and let Vijay marry Anjali. Then Anjali asserts herself and says that she will only marry Rahul. Both Rahul and Vijay are embittered and don't trust each other any more. To make matters worse, Rahul accidently loses his eyesight, but Anjali continues to stay by his side. It is then Vijay proposes a duel - he mixes poison in a glass of water, and plain water in another. The one who drinks the plain glass of water, gets to marry Anjali, and the other - death.

Ghatothkachudu (1995)

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Director: N/A Starring: Nagarjuna, Roja, Ali, Rituparna Genre: Comedy, Romance Released on: N/A Writer: N/A IMDB Rating: N/A Duration: N/A

Fauj (1994)

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Gaddaar (1995)

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Vijay (Harish) and Sunny (Sunil Shetty) are two friends, who are very close to each other. They study together in college and even fall in love with the same girl, Priya (Sonali Bendre). Sunny is rich and influential, and likes to control and dominate. Vijay comes from a poor family. Sunny wants to control the college scene using Vijay as a puppet, which does not work to Sunny's satisfaction. As a result, Sunny's dad (Mohan Joshi), who owns part of the college, steps in, to assert his and Sunny's position, as well as put pressure on the college authorities, and as well on the other hand, attempts to teach Vijay a lesson for betraying Sunny. But Sunny wants revenge in his own way, and he does so diabolically, by being even more friendly and close to his Vijay and his family. Will Sunny succeed?

Paap Ki Kamaee (1990)

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Indian Babu (2003)

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When Dil (Gurleen Chopra) is engaged to Abhay (Rajat Gowda), son of Thakur Suraj Pratap Singh (Mukesh Rishi), then only their father Sharad Babu (Alok nath) and others learn that she has a hole in her heart. Karan Thakur (Mohan Joshi), The London based uncle of Abhay, takes Dil for heart surgery in London; Dil meets Jeet (Jaz) and falls in love. As Dil gets cured, Abhay brings Dil back to India. Kamlesh Chug (Rajive Verma), father of Jeet feels the pain of his son and sends Jeet to India to get his love. Jeet is hoping to create a situation where Sharad Babu will break Dil's engagement himself, but prior to that Abhay finds out about their affair. He won't allow his ego to get hurt. On another hand Jeet meets his real mother and learns that Suraj Thakur assassinated his real father, but before he could do something, he is asked by his real mother never again to see Dil. New found mother's order and Abhay's determination to marry Dil. Jeet has lost his love. His Dil, but no.... the love wins at last.

Patth (2003)

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Avi comes from a poor family and lives with his mother and sister, Nandini. He sees that Nandini has befriended a local gangster by the name of Bhullar, and quietly resents this. When Nandini is killed, Avi and two male friends, Golu and Hari, decide to avenge her death - by killing Bhullar. They turn themselves in to Bhullar's boss, Vaman Rao, and let him decide their fate. Vamam Rao is impressed by this, and inducts them in his gang. Soon they become very close to Vaman, and become his most trusted associates. Then a corrupt Police Inspector named Rokde finds out that Golu is having an affair with his wife, Sangeeta, and decides to teach him a lesson. When Vaman comes to know, he makes a compromise with Rokde, and agrees to have Golu killed. When Avi and Hari find out about this, they band together and decide to go against Vaman and his men - but soon find themselves outnumbered, and also on the run from the police, on a road that will only lead to their deaths.

Jaagruti (1993)

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Vishal is a honest and diligent customs officer. He makes it known that he has never nor will ever accept any bribe. This does not auger well with various underworld dons, and even a member of parliament from the ruling party of India. One day Vishal is abducted and brutally killed in the presence of his younger brother, Jugnu. Jugnu himself is missing, and believed dead. Honest and diligent Gandhian Raghunath is outraged by this, and complains to the Chief Minister, Omiji. When Omiji attempts to inquire into this, his son is framed for selling tainted glucose in hospitals, which results in several deaths. Powerless to act, Omiji hesitates, and as a result Raghunath is killed. And then Jugnu returns, and now he must avenge his brother's death, but he is alone, and has an uphill task.

Ehsaas – The Feeling (2001)

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Ravi Naik lives a middle class life with his son Rohan in the country of India. He brings up his son in a very strict, quiet and disciplined atmosphere, so much so that his son starts to resent him and his mannerism. All Ravi wants is to get Rohan excel as an athlete and win the forthcoming athletics event. But Rohan went through a series of operation which leads him to injury sustain about his body but Ravi is still re-vent on Rohan to win the race and so night and day he got him in to practice. His immediate neighbors, Antra Pandit and her mom too are critical of the way Ravi handles his son, and suggest that he adapt a more lenient view. But Ravi ignores this advise and assure to anyone interfering that the end result of his art of teaching will be good.