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Pyaar Ka Tarana (1993)

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Shock Ek Raat (Marma) (2002)

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Recently engaged to Anand, tall and attractive Sudha, heads out to his farmhouse near Pune for a celebration, and goes missing for about 3 days. She contacts them, seriously injured, from a hospital bed, they bring her home, and she informs them of getting lost, ending up in a wooden house, where she saw the lifeless of a woman, and a crazed killer, who attacked and wounder her, and for proof she shows them a button that she managed to snatch from the killer's jean jacket. Anand accompanies her to the location, but they are unable to locate the house. Then the entire family's life is turned upside down when Sudha claims that she has been sexually molested by the very same killer. They install alarms, hire a watchman, and virtually fortify the house. Despite of this Sudha claims that she is being watched, and the killer enters the house at will. Their attempts to cure her with the assistance of a Tantrik is of no avail, and she refuses to co-operate with Dr. Rao, a Psychiatrist, leaving the question open whether she has a mental illness or the killer is an entity from another unknown dimension.

Triveni (1985)

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Naag Mere Saathi (1973)

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Pyaara Dost (1982)

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Premika (1980)

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Naya Khoon (1990)

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Veerendra Pratap Rai is a wealthy businessman who lives in a palatial house with his son, Vikram, and daughter, Seema. Vikram is an alcoholic and womanizer, while Seema is the opposite, and is qualified to practice medicine in India. She meets with fellow doctor, Anand, who comes from a poor background, and both are attracted to each other, and fall in love. They decide to get married, but Seema's brother will not hear of his sister getting married to a poor man, but would prefer that she marry Dr. Anil Verma, who is equally wealthy. But Seema is adamant, and will only marry Anand. Then tragedy strikes when a patient, who was being treated by Anand dies, and the cause of death was that the patient was induced with a spurious drug. Anand faces a public inquiry, and with the evidence stacked against him, he may lose his job, and never be able to marry Seema.

Patthar Dil (1985)

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Infatuated to the point of obsession with the beauty of a local village belle by the name of Bindiya, Rana Surajbhan Singh, will do anything to spend a night with her, but Bindiya comes from a respectable background and no amount of money will force her to spend even a few moments alone with the lusty Rana. Bindiya is in love with Amar, but Amar has fallen for Rana's niece, Rekha. Rana will not permit her to marry Amar under any circumstances. When Bindiya finds out that Rana is the only obstacle in Amar and Rekha's marriage, she agrees to do anything for Rana, much to his delight. Rana asks Bindiya to dance and strip for him, and as long as she continues to do so, Amar and Rekha will be kept alive. But can Bindiya trust Rana, who may change his mind, have his way with her, and order his men to kill Amar and Rekha?

Nagin Aur Suhagan (1979)

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Gauri lives a wealthy lifestyle along with her widowed father Thakur Jagatpal Singh. One day after returning from worshiping Bhagwan Shri Shivji, her father accidentally kills a magical shape-shifting Naag, earning the wrath of his wife, Naag Kanya, who kills him and burns down their house, but is rescued by Gauri, and promises to come to her assistance. Alone and destitute, Gauri comes to the rescue of wealthy Geeta, who has been abducted, with her kidnappers demanding a ransom of Fifty Thousand Rupees from her father, Lakhpati, and mother, Bhagwanti. Gauri manages to free Geeta and gets her home, but ends up being their servant. Years later Gauri and Geeta have grown up, and Geeta's marriage is finalized with Anand, but Anand prefers Gauri, and they secretly get married, and re-locate to Anand's house, where Anand's brother, Zoravar, initially disapproves of Gauri, due to her being a servant, and when he finds that she is the daughter of his late enemy, Jagatpal, he asks her to leave, but subsequently changes his mind when Anand takes her side. They live harmoniously and soon Gauri gets pregnant. Lakhpati and Bhagwanti shower her with money and jewels and even take her with them to deliver her child. Months later, Anand goes to get Gauri and his child back, but is told by Lakhpati that Gauri never ever came to their house. Distraught, he keeps on searching for her everywhere. Then about five years later Geeta, who is now married to a wealthy man, tells him of Gauri's whereabouts. He goes to get Gauri back, meets her, and this is where he finds out that Gauri had to keep him away from her newborn son, Naagendra, for five years due to a warning from a Sage that their meeting will result in Anand's death. Both rejoice at being re-united, little knowing that their joy will soon turn to sorrow when Yam Raj directs Naag to kill Anand.

Woh Hain Gumnaam (2003)

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Nartakee (1963)

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Mahananda (1987)

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Aaja Sanam Aagossh Mein (2014)

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Director: Nirranjan K Starring: Sidharrth Jaaju, Kajal Verma, Mahi Kapur, Shaktishankar, Rashid Kha, Kailash Jonwal, Nirranjan K Genre: Romance Released on: N/A Writer: N/A IMDB Rating: N/A Duration:...

Master (2001)

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A modern day story of an innocent boy (Ravi) of Royal lineage who is sent to Hong Kong by his Father's conniving manager (Kailash Choudhary-K.C.) to train in the Martial Arts--the boy's passion. K.C. eliminates the boy's father and usurps his properties. And Ravi is set up by K.C. who plants drugs in his baggage. As a result, Ravi is arrested and spends the next 12 years of his life in a Hong Kong prison where he is thrown into a cell with a Wing Tsun Kung Fu Grandmaster (Sifu). Ravi befriends him and learns his art only to return to his hometown in India as a "MASTER" of this martial art and take his revenge against K.C. and his coterie of Martial Arts henchmen.

August 2 (2012)

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This movie is about three different people who are having their own plans for the day, On August 2, Naveen who had a recent rift with his girlfriend plans to apologize her to bury the hatred between them. The other characters Jay and his wife Anvitha who were on their way to a marriage will get in trouble with their car in a midway. It is too late by the time they realize that the day had its own plans for them.

My Best Friend (2015)

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Director: Suresh Jain Starring: Paras Sharma, Priya Jaiswal, Haider Khan, Sikha Sharma, Chandni Puri, Avinash Patak Genre: Adult Released on: N/A Writer: N/A IMDB Rating: N/A Duration: 107 min

Meri Jaan (Jaanu) (2012)

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Apne Dushman (1975)

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Brijesh is an airline pilot. While on duty one day, he comes across some men who are smugglers, and after a short tussle with them, he hands them over to the police. A lipstick containing a deadly secret is left on Brijesh's person, which he unknowingly takes home. He lives with his blind sister, Reshma. Reshma is not really his sister by birth, for he had rescued her when she was being molested. The gangsters find out that the lipstick is in Brijesh's house, and Reshma alone at home, and they sent their operatives to locate the lipstick and if necessary kill Reshma. How is Reshma going to defend herself, when she cannot see the person(s) who have found their way inside, and will do anything to obtain what they have come for. The Mohammeda Rafi song "Ish Desh ke socho kya hoga, ab hum kaise batlayen, jab apne hi gharwale, apne dushman ban jayen..." continues to be banned by India's Government-owned media.

Mere Sartaj (1975)

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Parveen lives a wealthy lifestyle in India with her widowed dad in India. She is of marriageable age and has three suitors, Munir-Ul-Haq Qadri - who wants to be a live-in son-in-law; equally wealthy Asad, who will do anything for her; and wealthy poet Javed Ahmed Gulrez. Parveen has her dad and gorgeous friend, Sultana, reject Munir and Asad and gets married to Javed. The two admirers get together and plot vengeance, and Asad gets busy to get Javed actively involved in a new nightclub, Angel Club, and introduces him to alcohol and gambling. Parveen and the loyal family servant, Thakur Kaka, attempt to dissuade Javed, but in vain. Javed comes to know that Parveen is having an affair with Munir, reprimands her, starts to frequent a brothel and falls in love with a Courtesan named Shabab Bano. He even goes to the extent of asking her to move into his house, and makes Parveen her servant. Then things spiral out of control when the police get involved in the theft of jewelry from Javed's house, and then Javed himself goes on the run, chased by the police - for murder!!

Naag Champa (1976)

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Prem Yog (1994)

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Maharaj Chatrapal Singh and his wife the Maharani are delighted when they become proud parents of a son - the heir to the thrown of Ramgad. Their delight is short-lived when the Palace Astrologer predicts that Chatrapal will be the last of the Maharajas for Ramgad, and no throne is destined for his son, Raju. Perturbed at this news, Chatrapal decides to protect Raju from the world, and makes him lead a secluded life within the four walls of the palace and it's surrounding grounds. Years later, Raju has grown up and his has arranged his marriage with a young woman of noble parentage. Raju is unhappy with this decision, and decides to run away with his bodyguard, Gulshan. They end up in Bombay city, where Raju starts to work as a waiter in a restaurant. He meets with and falls in love with a dancer and singer, Anita Sethi, who is the daughter of a wealthy man. Her father would like her to marry Jimmy Narang, son of the wealthy Mr. Narang, but Anita too falls in love with Raju. When JImmy finds out that Raju is a heir-apparent to Ramgad's throne, he tells Anita, who is angry with Raju for suppressing this information from her. Narang also informs Chatrapal, who sets off with an army, to bring Raju back to marry the woman he has chosen for him. Raju now has to make a choice - stay and be captured by his father's men; or run away elsewhere.

Love at Times Square (2003)

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Director: Dev Anand Starring: Dev Anand, Heenee Kaushik, Shoib Khan, Chaitanya Chaudhary, Siya Rana, Niti Agarwal, Satish Shah, Ketki Dave, Ashish Vidyarthi, Salman Khan, Rishi Kapoor, Vikram Gokhale, Moon Moon Sen...

Censor (2001)

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Director: Dev Anand Starring: Dev Anand, Hema Malini, Shammi Kapoor, Rekha, Jackie Shroff, Mamta Kulkarni, Johnny Lever, Mukesh Khanna, Ayesha Jhulka, Sharad S. Kapoor, Tara Deshpande, Randhir Kapoor, Aruna Irani, ...

Piya Milan Ki Aas (1961)

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Director: S.N. Tripathi Starring: Ameeta, Jeevan, Manoj Kumar, S.N. Tripathi Genre: Romance Released on: N/A Writer: N/A IMDB Rating: N/A Duration: 138 min

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