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Dobara (2004)

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Starring: Jackie Shroff ... Ranbir Sehgal Raveena Tandon ... Ria Mahima Chaudhry ... Dr. Anjali Sehgal Gulshan Grover ... Truck driver Soni Razdan ... Mrs. Devika Mehta Vrajesh Hirjee Seema Biswas Moammar Ra...

Dil Pe Mat Le Yaar!! (2000)

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Starring: Manoj Bajpayee    ...     Ram Saran Pandey (as Manoj Bajpai) Tabu    ...     Kamya Lal Saurabh Shukla    ...     Gaitoude Aditya Srivastava    ...     Tito Divya Jagdale    ...     Gayatri Kishor...

Freaky Chakra (2003)

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Starring: Deepti Naval ... Ms. Thomas Ranvir Shorey ... The writer Sachin Khedekar ... The caller Sunil Raoh Directors: V.K. Prakash Server 1 – Nowvideo Watch Full Movie Server 2 – Novamov Watc...

Ardhangini (1959)

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Starring: Meena Kumari    ...     Chhaya Raaj Kumar    ...     Prakash Shubha Khote    ...     Leela M. Lal Agha    ...     Murari Lal Durga Khote    ...     Prakash's mom Kumari Naaz    ...     Babloo Go...

Mujhe Meri Biwi Se Bachaao (2001)

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Starring: Rekha    ...     Kamini Mathur Naseeruddin Shah    ...     Anand Mathur Arshad Warsi    ...     Rocky Suman Ranganathan    ...     Anuradha Vikas Anand Suresh Chatwal    ...     Vakharia Mukul Dev  ...

Humshakal (1992)

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Starring: Shammi Kapoor    ...     Comm. Din Dayal Kapoor Vinod Khanna    ...     Insp. Vinod / Sunil Kumar / Dadu Kaliya Meenakshi Sheshadri    ...     Sarah (Vinod's Wife) (as Meenakshi Seshadri) Kiran Jun...

Daag (1952)

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Starring: Dilip Kumar ... Shankar Nimmi ... Parvati 'Paro' (as N I M M I) Usha Kiran ... Pushpa 'Pushpi' (as Usha Kiron) Lalita Pawar ... Shankar's Mother Kanhaiyalal ... Lala Jagat Narayan (as Kanaiyalal) ...

Bollywood Calling (2003)

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Starring: Pat Cusick    ...     Patrick Stormaire Navin Nischol    ...     Manu Kapoor Om Puri    ...     Subramaniam Perizaad Zorabian    ...     Kajal Monique Gabriela Curnen    ...     Karen (as Monique Curn...

Hum Hain Khalnayak (1996)

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Starring: Arjun    ...     Film Financer Rajni Bala    ...     Mrs. Pandupatti (Lady in photo) (as Rajnibala) Kishore Anand Bhanushali    ...     Constable Shakti Kapoor    ...     Tikka Singh / Shakti Singh...

Aar Ya Paar (1997)

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Starring: Jackie Shroff ... Shekhar Khosla Deepa Sahi ... Anu Chauhan Ritu Shivpuri ... Julie Kamal Sidhu ... Veena Sanghvi Paresh Rawal ... ACP Khan Satish Shah ... Jagdish Harish Patel ... Gupta Ajit V...

Sawaan…. The Love Season (2006)

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Born in Patiala, widower Fakirchand Kapoor lives a poor lifestyle with two daughters, the younger of which is Kajal, and collects recyclables and antiques (Bhangar) for a living. He re-locates to the United States, makes a lot of money, changes his name to Fakki Cappar, and returns to live in Bandra, Mumbai, gets his elder daughter married, and soon becomes the grandfather of Gudiya. Then one day he gets a visit from his childhood friend, who used to be a vegetable vendor, but is now a wealthy businessman and they rekindle their friendship. His friend tells him that the purpose of this visit is to solemnize the marriage of his son, Raj, and Kajal, who met in Cape Town and have fallen in love with each other. Both arrange for a formal engagement on Kajal's birthday. Both do not know that Kajal will soon come to know that her dad is going to pass away on the day of her engagement, there will be an accident involving 3 cars, the death of 6 people, and that, she, herself is going to die very soon.

Hum To Mohabbat Karega (2000)

5.70K Views1 Comments

Starring: Karisma Kapoor    ...     Geeta Kapoor Bobby Deol    ...     Rajiv Bhatnagar Sadashiv Amrapurkar    ...     Inspector Shinde Shakti Kapoor    ...     Ketu Vijay Kashyap    ...     Havaldar Rokde ...

Aryan – Unbreakable (2006)

6.91K Views0 Comments

Starring: Sohail Khan ... Aryan Verma Sneha Ullal ... Neha A. Verma Inder Kumar ... Ranjeet Singh Farida Jalal ... Mrs. Braganza Satish Shah ... Kiran Supriya Karnik ... Devika Ehsaan Chandna Kapil Dev ....

Mela (2000)

3.53K Views3 Comments

Starring: Aamir Khan ... Kishan Pyare Twinkle Khanna ... Roopa Singh Faisal Khan ... Shankar Shane Johnny Lever ... Insp. Pakkad Singh (as Johny Lever) Navneet Nishan ... Bulbul, the post woman Veeru Krish...

Aap Ke Saath (1986)

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Starring: Smita Patil    ...     Ganga Anil Kapoor    ...     Vimal Rati Agnihotri    ...     Deepa / Salma Vinod Mehra    ...     Ashok Utpal Dutt    ...     K.K. Sahab (grandfather) Gajanan Jagirdar    ....

Mast (1999)

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Krishnakant Mathur (Aftab Shivdasani) alias "kittu", works in a restaurant, which is located right opposite the bunglow of famous movie actress, Mallika (Urmilla Matondkar). Kittu, simply put, is only a fan, but is smitten by Mallika, almost to the point of obsession. He does get to meet her at Mehboob Studios, and speak with Mallika herself. Before he could finish speaking with her, he is rudely interrupted by Tolluram, Manisha's uncle (Govind Namdeo), who insults and humiliates him and tells him to leave. Kittu is confused at this, and gets appalled and concerned about Mallika, when he learns that her life is being controlled by her uncle, aunt and cousin sister. One day he witnesses her uncle beating her up, he breaks into her house, assaults the uncle, and abducts Mallika. The next day, there is furore in the media when everyone learns that an actress has been abducted. The police get involved. Kittu decides to take Mallika to his home to his parents, and does so. He hides her in his house, but decides not to tell anyone in his family about Mallika. How long will Kittu succeed in doing this? Is this what Mallika wants, or is she being taken advantage of again? How long will a famous actress hide out without anyone else coming to know her?

Chalo Ishq Ladaaye (2002)

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Popular but lonely Bollywood actress, Rani, lives a fairly isolated life, through publicly she is thronged by fans, and has taken to drinking alcohol in a big way. Thus intoxicated she runs her vehicle into a young man named Pappu, who suffers minor injuries. He recognizes her, and tells her that he is her number one fan, and will do anything for her. She wants him to kill her double-timing boyfriend, Rahul. He agrees to do so, provided she kills his overbearing, aged grandmother, to which she agrees. After Pappu completes his gruesome task, he meets with Rani, only to be told that she does not recognize him, but when presented with proof, she relents and agrees to fulfill her part of this trade. She, along with Kokibhai, arrive at the palatial home of Pappu's grandmother and set out the task of killing her without arousing any suspicion on themselves as well as on Pappu. What the hapless trio do not know is that ACP Kamat has already got evidence linking Pappu to Rahul's sudden death, and has been keeping a close eye on his whereabouts - all ready to arrest him, and get him to confess about Rahul's murder as well as the attempt to kill his very own grandmother.

Karz: The Burden of Truth (2002)

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Savitri Devi lives a wealthy life-style with her husband. Her attempts to expose the criminal activities of a gangster, Yograj are fertile and to retaliate Yograj rape her instead which results in her being pregnant. Savitri wants to abort this child but there are complications which lead to the birth of the child. She does keep the boy child with her but does not shower him with motherly affections and instead give all her love to her younger son, Raja. Soon she leave the city and the child is adopted by an industrialist, Balwant. After the incident with Savitri Yograj is believe to be dead according to police record. The child grows up to be Suraj a wealthy business-man; he meets with his brother Raja and after a few misunderstandings both become friends. Suraj is in love with Sapna but he decides to step aside when he find out that Raja is fascinated by Sapna and instead take to alcohol. Chaos amidst when Savitri identify a politician, Thakur as Yograj forcing Suraj to start investigating - what he find out will change lives forever.

Mohabbat (1997)

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The wealthy Kapoor family consists of Madanlal, his wife, Geetarani, daughter, Roshni, and son, Gaurav. One day while Gaurav is returning home from the Oriental Bank of Commerce, he is attacked by a group of men led by Shiva, but a young man named Rohit Malhotra comes to his rescue. Gaurav hires Rohit in his firm, and both become fast and inseparable friends. Both unknowingly fall in love with the same woman, Shweta Sharma, but Gaurav finds out and decides to step away. Shweta and Rohit are in love and want to get married. Then Shiva attacks Rohit and throws him off a cliff. Believing him to be dead, a shocked and devastated Shweta loses her voice. The Kapoors find out that Gaurav loves Shweta and they approach her brother, Shekhar, and arrange their marriage. A reluctant Shweta gives her accent. It is then that she starts seeing Rohit, while Gaurav starts drifting away from her, and unknown to anyone, is hiding a deadly secret. The question remains is Shweta delusional, and what exactly is Gaurav's secret that he does not want anyone to know?

Aatish – Feel the Fire (1994)

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Two brothers namely the eldest Baba and the younger one Avinash live in a small apartment in a Bombay city slum. Another orphan named Nawab reside there with them along with there widowed mother. They had many misadventures in life and so they now relocate to an old man house who calls himself Uncle but is known as an underworld nexus. Baba romances Nisha and has hope of marrying her soon. Baba wants Avinash to further his studies and become a better person in life so he and Nawab decides to work with Uncle on a negative path. Avinash goes abroad and romances Pooja and he also has hope of marrying her soon, Baba's dream of Avinash has been fulfilled, when Avinash finish his studies he becomes a police officer. He is shock when he is given a list of Bombay's hardcore criminal don for he has never associated his brother Baba with any criminal activities but he is on the list. But later Avinash release the truth about his brother's criminal activities and that a criminal named Sunny is still at large and is the cause of rendering the family sleepless nights, so Avinash joins his brother and Nawab to take revenge on Sunny.

Jaan Se Pyaara (1992)

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Police inspector Jai arrests arch criminal Guman Singh and logged him in a cell so that he can physically pressure him to release information about their colleagues and gang where-about. But before any progress could be made there are several blasts taking place in the city with the authorities demanding the release of Guman. As the suspense mounted on and on Jai is forced to not only release Guman but resign from his police job. The gang then made Jai's mentally challenge brother Sundar a target by holding him as hostage until Jai delivers a brief case containing confidential information about the gang.

Kahin Pyaar Na Ho Jaaye (2000)

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Musician Prem Kapoor lives with his sister, Neelu, brother-in-law Vinod, his niece and a nephew. He has plans of getting married to his fiancée, Nisha; unfortunately on the wedding day Nisha does not turn up. When a heart-broken Prem confronts Nisha for an explanation she confides to him that she is to get married to a multi-millionaire male from the U.S. who promises to aid her in maintaining the family and an ailing younger brother. Devastated Prem decides to take to alcohol; eventually time passes and Prem starts to fall in love with an acquaintance, Priya Sharma. But before Prem could express his feelings Priya announces her engagement to U.S. returned Rahul Puglia which forces Prem to take to alcohol once again but eventually there is a twist when Prem gets to find out Priya is romantically attracted to him.

Qurbani (1980)

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A cabaret dancer and singer, Sheela (Zeenat Aman) has two admirers: a small-time thief Rajesh (Feroz Khan), and a young, eligible widower, Amar (Vinod Khanna). Both are best friends and does not know that they love the same woman. Then an enemy in the gust of Vikram Singh (Shakti Kapoor) appears and make both men life miserable by exposing each others reality to one another, hereafter Rajesh and Amar's friendship turn upside down. Rajesh is blamed for Rakka's (Amrish Puri) death and is schedule to be jailed for a lifetime. While Amar along with Sheela and his small daughter escapes to the U.K. with a lot of diamonds and money stolen by Rajesh. Will Rajesh allow Amar to betray him or will he jumped to conclusion and escapes from the police to take revenge from his perpetrators?

Daraar (1996)

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Starring: Rishi Kapoor ... Raj Malhotra Juhi Chawla ... Priya Bhatia Arbaaz Khan ... Vikram Sushma Seth ... Mrs. Malhotra (Mother) Sulabha Arya ... Nirmala Bhatia (as Sulbha Arya) Johnny Lever ... Hari (as...

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