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Krishna Vol 2 Hindi Animation Movie

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Krishna Vol 1 Hindi Animation Movie

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Mahabharat (2013)

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Mahabharata is a high-octane drama involving a huge array of complicated characters. It is more than a story that gives lessons and teaches us on life's morals and values. From sacred literature that brought revelations about Dharma and Karma through generations, this is the most awaited and ambitious project of Indian television, the legendary - Mahabharata.

Yehi Hai Zindagi (1977)

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Anand Narayan comes from a poor family, which consists of his wife, Gayetri, daughter, Kamla, and two sons Madhu and Govind. Through hard work, Anand starts on his way to success. He meets with Nekiram, who becomes his business partner, and also his samdhi (in-law) as his daughter is in love with Madhu. Both get married in a simple ceremony. After this marriage, both Nekiram, and Anand and his family work hard at preparing food in a small dhaba, which soon grows into a restaurant, then a larger fancier restaurant, finally a five star hotel. Now Anand and his family are all wealthy and live in a palatial home. Anand gets to talking to Bhagwan Shri Kishan, who regularly visits him and asks about him and his family. Anand proudly takes all the credit, and asks Kishan to accompany him to see his success and his hotel. Bhagwan Kishan declines, but agrees do so later. Things don't go quite as well for Anand, when he finds out that Nekiram has been cheating him. Nekiram leaves the house, but Madhu accompanies him. Then Anand finds that Govind has been squandering money and time on women and alcohol; and to top his disappointment Kamla gets pregnant. When Bhagwan Kishan comes to visit Anand again, he admits that he is a failure, his health is poor, and his family are all strangers to him. Lord Kishan advises Anand that this is his life and he must learn from the Mahabharat, and that every life is a struggle, which is confused by relations and near and dear ones, and also by one's ego. Once the ego is removed, then only one can see clearly. But will Anand be able to understand and carry out what Lord Kishan is asking him to? Or will end up taking the blame, like he took the credit, upon himself?

Mahabharat Aur Barbareek (2013)

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Soul of Sand (2012)

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Amid the epic landscape of the Mahabharata, as the rural outskirts of Delhi transform into an urban sprawl, an intimate tussle between custom and commerce, tradition and modernity, will result in carnage... Bhanu Kumar, a lower caste watchman, stands guard at his master Lakhmichand Ahlawat's silica mine, protecting it even after it has shut down. No one is allowed to enter the premises, nor even engage him in conversation while he is on sentry duty. He is a statue-like figure, watching over an abandoned property in the middle of nowhere. A creature of habit, Bhanu reflects powerlessness so complete, it can only make the world stand still. Exploited and abused by his employer, Bhanu survives the shame by disguising it as duty. Bhanu's wife, Saroj, watches in silent disgust as her innocent husband stands sentinel over his master's empty property, even when she knows it includes her in its compass. Then one day, Bhanu's monotonous world is turned on its head... The morning brings an elderly man to the premises - a businessman by the name of Dharambir Dahiya. He also happens to be Lakhmichand Ahlawat's prospective son-in-law. Dharambir is an affluent man and, ironically, older than Ahlawat. He is to marry Ahlawat's wayward daughter, known to have transgressed community norms with a socially "inferior" boy. In return for saving his honour (i.e. marrying his daughter), Ahlawat will "gift" Dharambir the silica mine property as dowry. The following night brings a young runaway couple fearing for their lives and begging Bhanu for sanctuary in the mine. Apparently, the couple are prime targets for honour killing. They claim that a contract killer is after them.... Bhanu cannot possibly make the connection. He initially refuses the couple shelter. But prodded by a dormant humanity, he relents and ignores duty. The disused gate of the Royal Silica Mine opens, exposing a bloody world of lust, fear, and violence in the name of ownership, caste and honour...

Arjun – The Warrior Prince (2012)

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Legend knows him as an archer of unwavering focus, the soldier who fought a battle in his own heart before taking up arms against his enemy. This is the untold story of Arjun, hero of the Mahabharata. A precocious talent plunged from boyhood and innocence into a murky world of deceit and betrayal, coming of age to become the most powerful warrior of his time. From the dusty plains of Hastinapur to the icy peaks of the Himalayas, Arjun: The Warrior Prince is the story of a man discovering what it takes to be a hero.

Divine Shadows (1999) – Documentary

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Director: Girija Pattanaik Synopsis: Shadow puppet theatre is one of the most fascinating and spellbinding forms of theatre and story telling – a form that transfers knowledge of epic texts like the Ramayana a...

Design Classics of India (1987) – Documentary

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Director: Madhureeta Negi, Anand Synopsis: ‘Design Classics of India’ explores traditional and classical design forms of India and their continuum to contemporary times through their use and adaptation across t...

Krishna Krishna (1986)

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Before the epic battle of good versus evil, Mahabharat, as chronicled in the Holy Geeta, Bhagwan Shri Kishan slew his evil maternal uncle Kans during his childhood; studied in a Brahmin school, befriended a poor Brahmin by the name of Sudama. And because Sudama ate all the food while they were gathering firewood one day, Devi Yashoda cursed Sudama to live in abject poverty for the rest of his life; Years later, Bhagwan Shri Kishan went on to woo Princess Rukmini and eloped with her; He also subsequently married seven other women (Satyabama, Kalindi, Jamvanti, & c); ruled Dwarka along with his brother Balram; Fought epic battles with demons who tormented Sadhus, Rishis and Saints; the origin of Pondrik Krishna Vasudev, who called himself the reincarnation of Lord Vishnu, the real Lord Kishan, and ultimately challenged Bhagwan Shri Kishan to a battle; Satyabama's donation of Bhagwan Shri Kishan to Bhagwan Shri Narad, who made him a slave and live in celibacy until the queens decided to weigh Bhagwan Shri Kishan in gold and donate that to Bhagwan Narad. And finally, a poverty-stricken Sudama, destitute, on the verge of starvation, - who had lost two children in a fire, and two others who may die due to starvation - visits Dwarka - thus putting the ultimate test on their childhood friendship, leaving his wife, Sushila, behind alone to be a possible prey of Pondrik Krishna Vasudev's disciple, Prachandev.

Pandavas: The Five Warriors (2000)

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Pandavas - The Five Warriors is a wonderful movie in English. It is a classic Indian tale from one of India's greatest epic 'The Mahabharat'. The story depicts the eternal fight between good and evil. It is the story of the five 'Pandava' brothers and their war against their cousins 'The Kauravas'. Watch the epic conclusion on the battlefield of Kurukshetra. The movie stood 3rd at the Vancouver Effects & Animation Film Festival (2001) held in Cananda.

Mahabharat (1965)

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Pandu and Dhirtrashtra are two brothers who rule Hastinapur. Pandu gets married to Kunti, who conceives five sons and names them Yudhister, Bhimsen, Arjun, Nakul and Sahdev, while Dhirtrashtra, who is blind, gets married to Gandhari, and gives birth to a 100 sons, including Duryodhan and Dushasan. Gandhari's brother, Shakuni, also resides with them. After Pandu passes away, Dhirtrashtra decides to bequeath the empire to Yudhister much to the chagrin of Duryodhan, who plots with Shakuni to kill them in a palace made of wax, but the brothers and Kunti manage to escape and live incognito in a forest where Bhimsem meets with, Hidimba, slays her demon brother, Hidimb, gets married to her and sires a son, an illusionist, Ghatotkach. The brothers do reveal their identity when Arjun wins a competition at Panchal to wed Draupadi defeating Duryodhan, Dushashan, Jarasandh and others. Kunti unwittingly asks the brothers to share Draupadi, as she had in a previous birth as Devi Maa Parvati, prayed to Bhagwan Shri Shivji five times for a husband. Dhirtrashtra acknowledges the enmity between the cousins and asks five brothers to re-locate to Khandavprasth, which is subsequently transformed by Bhagwan Shri Indra's aide, Vishwakarma, and re-named Indraprasht. Duryodhan is then humiliated by Draupadi, who mocks him and tells him that sons of a blind man are also blind, when he stumbles in the Maya Mahal, and he takes a vow to humiliate her. Shakuni then invites the five brother to gamble at Hastinapur where Yudhister ends up losing Indraprasht, his brothers, his wealth as well as Draupadi herself. Bhagwan Shri Kishan comes to her aid when Dushashan publicly disrobes her as no one comes to her defense. The Pandavas are then sentenced to 13 years in exile, which will be extended by 12 years more if they are discovered during the 13th year. The 13 years pass by, Arjun also gets married to Subhadra and sires a son, Abhimanyu. When the Pandavs return to claim Indraprasht, the Kauravas oppose and challenge them to a war in the Kurkshetra. Duryodhan chooses Bhagwan Shri Kishan's armies, while Arjun chooses Kishanji, who decides to only be the charioteer for Arjun. And it is here that Kishanji who shows his true self to Arjun when he hesitates to kill his relatives, cousins, and gurus. It is here that Gandhari will bless Duryodhan with a body of steel, Kunti will go to plead with Karan to show mercy to her five sons, and Bhagwan Shri Hanuman, the elder brother of Bhimsen, decides to make an incognito appearance, in this epic battle between Good and Evil.

“Bharat Ek Khoj” (1988) – All Episodes

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The Hero – Abhimanyu (2009)

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Jaipur-based Inspector Abhimanyu single-handedly rescues Pinky, the grand-daughter of the Mukhya Mantri from the clutches of Azghar, and then goes on to arrest a Catholic Priest, Father Dominique, who was luring young boys in a lucrative flesh trade. After antiques statues are stolen from various Mandirs, he is assigned this task and instructed to not only investigate but also arrest the suspect, Garudnarayan Chaudhary. With the help of V.V. News Reporter, Anjali Saxena, and Sub-Inspector Simran, he sets out to entrap Garudnarayan - albeit in vain. He nevertheless persists - not realizing that a Mahabharat-like trap has been laid for him - and as Arjun's son was entrapped - he will soon find himself ensnared in a web of deception and deceit that even the entry of the Pandavas will not assist in preventing his death.

“Mahabharat” (1988) – All Episodes

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The epic story of the family feud between the noble Pandava princes and their scheming cousins, the Kaurava kings.

Ghatothkach (2008)

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This film based on life of the Mahabharata character Ghatotkacha, the son of Bhima and Hidimba.