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Hey Bro (2015)

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Raiszaada (1991)

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Director: Bharat Kapoor Starring: Govinda, Sonam, Shashi Kapoor, Asha Parekh, Johnny Lever, Aruna Irani, Anupam Kher, Gulshan Grover Genre: Action, Drama Released on: 1991 Writer: N/A IMDB Rating: N/A ...

Aakhri Baazi (1989)

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Ram Kumar lives a wealthy lifestyle in Calcutta with his brother, Prashant and Parvati, his sister-in-law. Since his school-days he had befriended a young orphan named Laxman, who also lives with them. Years later, Ram and Laxman have grown up, and Laxman has joined the Calcutta Police Force. Impressed with Laxman's dedication and diligence, the Police Commissioner assigns him to investigate, dismantle, and arrest an underworld don called Cobra and his gang. Laxman's investigation leads him to the culprit, but before he could take any action, he is killed. Ram swears to avenge Laxman's death, and sets forth to seek Cobra. Prashant attempts to convince Ram to give this up and leave it to the police, but Ram refuses, and ends up moving out of the house. Then Ram finds out who the culprits are - none other than the Cobra gang - and sets out to avenge Laxman's death. On doing so, the gang retaliates, and Parvati is killed. It is then Ram finds out that the man called Cobra may be Prashant himself, but the question remains why would Prashant have Laxman and Parvati killed? Is he, in fact, Cobra, and if not then who is it?

Kill Dil (2014)

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Once upon a time in North India, two killers Dev and Tutu roamed free. Abandoned when young and vulnerable, Bhaiyaji gave them shelter and nurtured them to kill. All is normal in their lives until destiny throws free spirited Disha into the mix. What follows is a game of defiance, deception and love.

Agnichakra (1997)

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Starring: Naseeruddin Shah     ...     Inspector Satpal Govinda     ...     Amar Dimple Kapadia     ...     Rani Raj Kiran     ...     Inspector. Suryaveer Somy Ali     ...     Special Appearance Anupam Kh...

Holiday (2014)

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Starring: Akshay Kumar     ...     Captain Viraat Bakshi Sonakshi Sinha     ...     Nisha Govinda Dipendra Sharma     ...     Asif Anchal Singh Sumeet Raghvan Freddy Daruwala Aashin A. Shah     ...     M...

Ramgarh Ke Sholay (1991)

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Naive and talkative Jaiwanti lives a poor lifestyle in modern day Ramgarh along with her aunt, and drives a taxi-cab named 'Banno'. Her village was the one that was terrorized by dreaded bandit Gabbar Singh until two ex-convicts, enlisted by a crippled Thakur, captured him, had him arrested, found guilty, and sentenced to 17 years in prison. When Gabbar hears that an impostor has taken over his place, he awaits his date of discharge, returns to the region along with his goons Lamba and Goriya, kills the impostor, welcomes home his foreign-based daughter, Neelam, who is not aware of his criminal background, and only knows that her dad runs a business crushing rocks and stones. When Gabbar starts extorting money from residents, some of who rebel and are killed, and the police, led by Inspector Himmat Singh, refuse to intervene, Jaiwanti, after watching 'Tridev', writes to Bollywood actors Vinod Khanna, Jackie Shroff, Govind, Anil Kapoor, and Amitabh Bachchan to intervene and save their lives. Everyone scoffs at her, but then to their surprise Amitabh, Anil, Dev Anand, and Govinda actually show up - leading to a chain of events that will threaten to tear apart the entire region under the terror of Gabbar - especially when Jaiwanti finds out that Amitabh, Anil, Dev, and Govinda are actually cowardly junior artistes named Vijay, Munna, Johnny, and Chee Chee respectively - on the run from Bombay Police - after defrauding Bollywood movie ('Chardev') Producer, Dinesh Chandani.

Diwana Tere Dilka

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Starring: Govinda Shatrughan Sinha Poonam Dhillon Kimi Katkar Shakti Kapoor Director: K.R.Reddy Server 1 – Youtube Watch Full Movie

Kismat (1995)

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Starring: Vikas Anand Aparajita ... Anand's wife Asrani ... Banhke Kabir Bedi ... Rajan Bob Christo Govinda ... Ajay Rakhee Gulzar ... Geeta A.K. Hangal ... Nanaji Viju Khote Mamta Kulkarni Kunika ......

Wanted Baghi (2014)

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Tamil is a thug for hire in the city of Chennai who has no ties to anyone and will do any dirty work as long as the money as good. He meets a young girl named Shruthi and they fall in love. But there are two obstacles in the path of their romance : firstly, Shruthi detests Tamil's violent ways and secondly, police sub-inspector Govindan is pursuing Shruthi obsessively with intent of making her his mistress. Meanwhile, Dubai-based crime lord Ali Bhai has arrived in Chennai for the purpose of silencing his chief rival gangster Narasimhan and also to meet Tamil who is rising within the gang's ranks. However, during the meeting, Ali Bhai is arrested in a police raid conducted by Police Commissioner Mohammed Moideen Khan and his gang hatches a morally abhorrent plan in order to secure his release.

Char Dil Char Raahein (1959)

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Starring: Raj Kapoor     ...     Govinda Ajit     ...     Dilawar Shammi Kapoor     ...     Johnny Braganza Meena Kumari     ...     Chavli Nimmi     ...     Pyari Kumkum     ...     Stella D'Souza Anwar ...

Beta Ho To Aisa (1994)

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Starring: Vikas Anand     ...     Dinubhai - Raju's dad Anuradha     ...     Asha Asrani     ...     Bantu Savita Bajaj     ...     Ramanath's mom Mohan Bhandari     ...     Advocate Chander Vijayendra Gha...

Gair Kanooni (1989)

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Starring: Govinda Sridevi Rajnikanth Kimi Katkar Shashi Kapoor Director: Prayag Raj Server 1 – Youtube Watch Full Movie Server 2 – Youtube Watch Part 1 Watch Part 2 Watch Part 3 Watch P...

Maahir (1996)

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Starring: Hema Malini     ...     Mrs. Kamini Rai Govinda     ...     Bhola Farha Naaz     ...     Paro (as Farha) Raj Babbar     ...     J. K. Anupam Kher     ...     Balwant Rai Ranjeet     ...     Bob ...

Jung Baaz (1989)

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Starring: Govinda     ...     Arjun Srivastav Danny Denzongpa     ...     Mahakal (as Danny) Prem Chopra     ...     Bahadur Singh Shakti Kapoor     ...     Numbridas Gulshan Grover     ...     Rocky Verma ...

Dost Garibon Ka (1989)

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Starring: Govinda    ...     Vijay / Barkat Ali Neelam    ...     Rekha Sumeet Saigal    ...     Amar Raza Murad    ...     Thakur Ranjeet Singh Satish Shah    ...     Barkat Ali Khan / Bholeram Anjana Mum...

Prateeksha (1993)

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Starring: Vikas Anand    ...     Anand Master Bunty    ...     Young Raja Chandrashekhar Moushumi Chatterjee    ...     Laxmi Danny Denzongpa    ...     Dinesh Khanna Govinda    ...     Raja Jeetendra    ...

Deewana Main Deewana (2013)

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Starring: Govinda.... Basant Priyanka Chopra.... Priya Kader Khan.... Basant's Father Himani Shivpuri.... Basant's Mother Prem Chopra.... Priya's Father Nazir Khan.... Vasant Johny Lever Shakti Kapoor S...

Karz Chukana Hai (1991)

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Starring: Govinda    ...     Ravi Juhi Chawla    ...     Radha Raj Kiran    ...     Vijay Shoma Anand    ...     Sapna Gulshan Grover    ...     Gulu Kader Khan    ...     Atmaram Shakti Kapoor    ...    ...

Delhi Safari (2012)

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Starring: Christopher Lloyd    ...     Pigeon (voice: English version) Cary Elwes    ...     Sultan / Bee Commander (voice: English version) Tom Kenny    ...     Alex the Parrot (voice: English version) Jane...

Sachai Ki Taqat (1989)

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In trying to gather solid evidence against smuggler, Dr. Narendra, Nandanda, a journalist by profession is killed by a masked man, leaving his only son, Sagar to take revenge for his dad's death. And then Sagar is accused of killing a woman named Shalini, a constable by the name of Ram Singh arrest Sagar and logged him in a cell. But Ram Singh realizes that Sagar is innocent and leaves no stone unturned in trying to prove Sagar's innocence but when the case is tried in court; it does not go in Sagar's favor as a result of which he is sentenced with death penalty.

Halaal Ki Kamai (1988)

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Starring: Govinda Farha Naaz Sonika Gill Shakti Kapoor Raza Murad Gulshan Grover Om Prakash Jugnu Director: Swaroop Kumar Server 1 – Youtube Watch Part 1 Watch Part 2 Watch Part 3 Watch Pa...

Farz Ki Jung (1989)

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Starring: Shashi Kapoor    ...     Inspector Vikram Govinda    ...     Vishal Neelam    ...     Kavita Raza Murad    ...     Inspector Gill Dalwinder Sohal    ...     Inspector Amar Amrish Puri    ...     ...

Gautam Govinda (1979)

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Starring: Shashi Kapoor ... Inspector Gautam Shatrughan Sinha ... Govinda Moushumi Chatterjee ... Sandhya Vijay Arora ... Gopala Aruna Irani ... Gulabo Reena Roy ... Dancer Birbal Viju Khote Manmauji Prem ...

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