Golmaal 3 (2010)


Kareena Kapoor    …     Daboo
Ajay Devgan    …     Gopal
Mithun Chakraborty    …     Pritam
Arshad Warsi    …     Madhav
Tusshar Kapoor    …     Lucky
Kunal Khemu    …     Laxman
Johnny Lever    …     Puppy Bhai
Shreyas Talpade    …     Laxman
Ratna Pathak    …     Geeta
Ashwini Khalsekar    …     Chintu
Sanjay Mishra    …     Daga
Mukesh Tiwari    …     Vasooli
Vrajesh Hirjee    …     Teja
Murli Sharma    …     Dhande
Vijay Patkar    …     Gandhari


Rohit Shetty

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Comedy, Hindi Movies


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  • Bilawal 4 years ago

    Its Really an Awsum movie.!!!!

  • A very good movie.ajay is a funny man like others punjabes.

  • best move ever !


  • Lance 4 years ago

    best movie ! grast work done by Katrina Kaif , Salman Khan , Khali , Tom Cruze , Aamir Khan & Shahruk Khan !!

  • Sonny khan 4 years ago

    this movie was incredible it was funny i loved the comedy mind blowing this movie is a good family film

  • sohan 4 years ago

    hi, this is soo comedy movie. i was waiting for this movie and now finally got to see it. thanx

  • nikzz 4 years ago

    thnx for z movie

  • satyajite 4 years ago

    hi this is good movie but sharman joshi was better then shreyash

  • nice movie

  • Karan 4 years ago

    1st golmaal was the best one…
    Could have been better movie with Sharman Joshi

  • mandeep 4 years ago

    oooooooooooooo god full of laughter……. god bless rohit. plz make another part again…..

  • alok verma 4 years ago

    fantastic movie
    it is full of fun

  • suman 4 years ago

    This movie is better to action replayy…………….

  • Vipul Jain 4 years ago

    ths is vry special

  • Hamza 4 years ago

    amaaaaaaaaaaaaaazinggggggg and fantastic…

  • wasil 4 years ago

    nice move

  • rahul bhardwaj 4 years ago


  • waseem 4 years ago

    hahaha achey ha bs

  • Shafiq 4 years ago

    yah…..its a very cool funny and nice movie

  • prashant joshi 4 years ago

    nice movie full entertianing movie

  • aleem 4 years ago

    sir g one more

  • adnan 4 years ago

    i ve a view this movie is best of the month

  • subramani konar 4 years ago

    awesome movies
    jonnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy rockkkkkkkkkkk

  • fardeen Emambuccos 4 years ago

    nice move

  • jayakrishna 4 years ago

    fantastic movie and gr8 actor ajay devgan.rohit setthy u r always good director and my choice and my fev act ajay devgan rock in golmaal3

  • sajan 4 years ago

    Hey Rohit wazzzzzzz up? nice movie you have done g8 job. but there is one thing missing. if you make golmaal 4 than do not forget too have blind man.you know i don´t understand one thing. you are makeing movie too insult or proud too say like i am a idiots and kaminey.

  • Mudassar 4 years ago

    HI every budy i hope this movie is very best i cant explain this

  • Mudassar 4 years ago

    this vedio is not amaizing thus this vedio is camfortable and peacefull hahahah

  • Dr C S Shah 4 years ago

    i do agree with satyajite
    sharman is best actor for comedy movie…
    shreyas cant act…

  • wohoooooooooooooooooooooooo haaaaaaaahahahahahahaha m dieyin ov laughter lolxxxxxx awesommmmmmmmmmmmm lov it

  • AFFSNN 4 years ago

    GOOD MOVIE !!!!!!!

  • irfan rahi 4 years ago

    thise movie is my movie

  • zuber 4 years ago

    oooooooooooohhhhhhhhha cool

  • JUNED TYAGI 4 years ago

    mast hai bhi………..

  • sanam 4 years ago

    10 on 10…!!

  • tasleem 4 years ago

    its is a very good film ever comedy is phenomenous in this film

  • greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat movie love it fantastic 28 nov 2010

  • The movie is amazing. the acting is ok

  • good movie

  • hazrat 4 years ago

    it’s very funy movie i like it x <3

  • Ashraf 4 years ago

    Extremely nice! Shetty you are good in comedy movies keep it up we welcomes you all time. One more part for Golmaal!!! I really enjoy it! Daily after office time i used to watch this movie. Its amazing that all previous parts!!! Thanks lot!!!

  • mayaa 4 years ago

    I want three hours of my life back!!!!!! -sigh-

  • imran 4 years ago

    i likeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ittttttttttttttttttttttt

  • Abdul 4 years ago

    Really funyyyyyyyyyyy movie, I love it….

  • irfan 4 years ago

    fantastic superb fabulous

  • good movie

  • indeed good movie

  • vipin sharma 4 years ago

    nice movie i like it than till today movies

  • marvellous movie

  • yousuf 4 years ago

    good nice..movies..

  • Naheed 4 years ago

    Beginning wasnt as funny but the middle to end was non-stop laughter. Loved this film. Great Work.

  • It’s a comedy movie but not too expection. Every think like artifecial. Story is so bad i think this is not a story only some brunch of sane less ad and copy of hip of garbage that sat.

  • mooncheema 4 years ago

    hilarious, fantastic and oscar wining fun……………..

  • biplob 4 years ago

    i love the movie,

  • golmall is very funny ilike this

  • rohit 4 years ago

    you are world full it is paga

  • This is the best Golmaal out the trilogy, the acting was so much better n Kareena was deffinately on full form, Go Kareena we love u . . .

  • Reena 4 years ago

    Kareena looked amazin and acted brilliantly, Ajay was too funny lol! On the whole an experience that i will buy on dvd to keep 4eva, Kareena is so amazin’ x

  • Aamir Bangash 3 years ago

    Golmaal is my fav. movie

  • pretty974 3 years ago

    movie very fun and nice

  • rajamussy 3 years ago

    must see this movie i like it tooo much really it is a movie.enjoy good time

  • arshad khuhawar 3 years ago

    golmaal 1 is best of all golmaal parts

  • nice movie great……….

  • Good Movie

  • Dipjyoti 2 years ago

    This is a good side.Down lood this first.

  • Dipjyoti 2 years ago

    This is a good post and good videos&photos.