Robot (2010)


Aishwarya Rai Bachchan



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  • sofia 4 years ago

    its a good movie
    buh i gues its copied from terminator

  • tahseen 4 years ago

    movie love

  • Farhan 4 years ago

    Robot (2010) Its owsam Movie Mindblowing Rajani Kant Blockbaster Famas Actor In Bollywood Actor and fantactice Acting Both Of Side’s

  • ritm0o 4 years ago

    Gr8 biggest hit movie of 2010

  • rahul 4 years ago

    amitabh bachchan performance is great

  • dinky 4 years ago

    nice movie…

  • nehal 4 years ago

    next super hit movie after 3ediots… it!!!

  • jitusumati 4 years ago

    this movie is just a good because it is a mixing copy of three movies terminatior, robort of will smith and universal soilder of van damme but in this one thing i like the spirit of rajnikaant’s work ………….and in my eyesite I like to give 3/5 ranks……..

  • johnsonsunil 4 years ago

    good movie!!!!!!!!!but toooo much publicity………not as much as expected,,,,,,nice circus

  • keshav 4 years ago

    it’s good n super hit movie but here no any like provide full movie with good clearly.

  • raman 4 years ago

    Nothing special rather than RAJNI’S ACTING and cool and new VFX.
    Watching here in this print you have nothing to experience.
    Story is good but not enough original…should be more original and unique.


    My personal rating is 3/5

  • harry 4 years ago

    ok movie bcoz so much fake is shown in this movie

  • ROCKY 4 years ago

    rajni sure gonna get national award for robot.
    robot is awesome.
    thank u for shahrukh khan and kamaal hassan for not acting in dis movie.
    robot rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • anonymous 4 years ago

    All movies have fake stuff. That’s why it’s called a movie, not reality.
    And take any movie for that matter, half the stuff doesn’t even happen in real life.
    Anyhow, good movie!

  • murtaza 4 years ago

    amazing movie

  • ikhlas 4 years ago

    what a movie this is great

  • Sreya 4 years ago

    I watched it in the theater and it was great! Nice action and acting by Rajni. Aishwarya’s dances were good. At least it has a story and meaning! GOOD MOVIE! WHAT IS THE THING THAT RAJNIKANTH-CAN’T?!!

  • hirshikesh 4 years ago

    the best in Indian history

  • surya 4 years ago

    rajni is more oriented towards hitech films.It is funny watching him .

  • zeeshi 4 years ago

    very interesting movie must watch it aish look so cute

  • janardhana 4 years ago

    nice movies

  • rashid 4 years ago

    niceeeeeeee movie

  • akkudada 4 years ago

    very nice movie i like the role of chitti….#

  • david 4 years ago

    super duper movie ever

  • Ashish 4 years ago

    gr8 movie like it!!!!!!!!!

  • ammar 4 years ago

    hit movie niceeeeeeee movie

  • Jatin 4 years ago

    Watched it in the Theatre. Very Good movie. Fabulus, owsome, Endhiran and Robot Rocks (Both r same movies. the difference is only that Endhiran is Telgu and Tamil n Robot is Hindi) u rock Rajni……… What is the thing that RajniCAN’T. the dance was very gud ROCKKKKKKKKKKKKK

  • sukhjit 4 years ago


  • nilesh 3 years ago

    very good movie its amazing……………………..

  • nilesh 3 years ago

    very good movie its amazing…………………….

  • Awesome movie …………….. love it. :)

  • DeepTi 3 years ago

    I like this movie

  • vey nice movie

  • Naeem Anjum 3 years ago

    I like this movie, it is realy entertaining and spectecular performance of Rajni and ash

  • sandeep 3 years ago

    awesome movie