Rajkumar (1964)

Director: K. Shankar

Starring: Shammi Kapoor, Sadhana, Pran, Prithviraj Kapoor

Genre: Musical, Drama, Comedy

Released on: 20 Oct 1964

Writer: Sudarshan Babbar (dialogue director), Manmohan Desai (story), A.L. Narayanan (additional story), Ramanand Sagar (dialogue), Ramanand Sagar (screenplay)

IMDB Rating: 7.2/10 (82 Votes)

Duration: 178 min

Synopsis: Prince Bhanu Pratap returns from a decade in a foreign country, together with his friend Kapil. His father, the King (Raja)has married again after Bhanu Pratap’s mother passed away, and has a son by his new wife Maharani (Queen) Kalavanti. The Queen’s brother Narpat Singh has designs upon the throne and enrols his sister the Maharani in his plot, by promising to unseat Bhanu Pratap and install her son as the heir. Prince Bhanu Singh has been tipped off, so he starts to behave like a CLOWN prince, instead of acting as the CROWN prince, in an attempt to flush out the schemers. Accused of a murder the Prince has to flee the Palace, with the police after him. To compound matters, the daughter of the murdered man is committed to extracting revenge,by killing the killer. Going incognito, Bharat Pratap emerges as Bharat Ram, and displays his true character. Can Princess Sangeeta (Sadhna) forgive Rajkumar who she believes killed her father? How can she reconcile her love for Bharat Ram, the common man with her hatred for the Royal Bhanu Singh – alleged murderer of her father? This is a complex story of Royalty in India, in the post Independence (from the British) era, before democracy took root. It is a story of love, Indian values and to some extent superstitions and the conflict between values, superstition and modern views of the world they lived in.

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