Chakra (1981)

Director: Rabindra Dharmaraj

Starring: Savita Bajaj, Arun Bakshi, Suresh Bhagwat, Ranjit Chowdhry

Genre: Drama

Released on: 17 Apr 1981

Writer: Jaywant Dalvi (story), Rabindra Dharmaraj

IMDB Rating: 7.2/10 (77 Votes)

Duration: 140 min

Synopsis: Amma lives in Bijapur with her husband and son, Benwa. When a man attempts to sexually molest her, he is killed by her husband, the trio flee, but the husband is shot dead by the police. Amma re-locates to a shanty slum near Dharavi, Bombay, where Benwa grows up and shines shoes for a living. Amma is sexually active with Looka, a hoodlum and extortionist who shows up once in while, and also has a steady relationship with trucker, Anna. Both Looka and Anna are unaware of each other. Looka gets Benwa married to Amli from a nearby slum & Anna gets Amma a much better shelter. All seems to be going well until the Police come looking for an injured Looka, when he robs a pharmacy in order to get medicines for himself. Watch what happens when the Police arrive and find a visibly pregnant Amma with Looka, and the impact this will have on her relationship with Anna.

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