Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! (2008)


Anurag Arora … Devender Singh – Cop
Richa Chadda … Dolly
Neetu Chandra … Sonal
Abhay Deol … Lucky
Paresh Rawal … Lucky’s father / Gogi Bhai / Dr. Handa
Manu Rishi … Bangali
Rajinder Sethi … Criminal
Archana Puran Singh … Mrs. Handa
Manjot Singh … Young Lucky


Dibakar Banerjee

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Comedy, Crime, Drama, Hindi Movies


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  • shafaat 6 years ago

    its also chain of FLOP and meaningless film movie is not so good as they promoted,,,,,
    and most of the part are pathetic in movie like when they run from jail and also in the end its stupid when they run before reaching jail and special through crime officer they were sleeping and he is gone,,,
    its simple WORST move i give 2.5/10.

  • Anonymous 6 years ago

    i like this movie abeh deol is good actor.not super hit but good time pass.

  • Anonymous 6 years ago

    Well I liked the movie….movies are meant to be seen for fun and entertainment not for making sense…..i had fun watching the movie..

  • Anonymous 6 years ago

    good movieeeeee

  • The DJ 6 years ago

    Its Fantastic Entertainment , Good To watch

  • shabana 6 years ago

    i think that u guys need to make a really good and entertainment and funny movie that makes sense i didn’t liked this movie that much but it was good. i dont know why old movies are better then the movies right now they making. i thought that it will get better but nope u guys need to work hard on the movies so people could like it

  • its a great faltu and bakwash movie.

  • Anonymous 6 years ago

    abhe deol good n new style actor i like n enjoy this movie

  • sheraz 6 years ago

    sirf itna kena chahta hoon.kay es movie ko enjoy karain na kay es ko real life kay saath jorain.

  • Anonymous 6 years ago

    bullshit…..they make look things so easy. as is chori karni itni asaan hai.just a useles piece of crap that was…

  • Anonymous 6 years ago

    first 28 minutes movie is nice and really exciting after that its all about messed up movies chain

  • shashank 6 years ago

    ya that's wright first 30 mi r entertaining,dialog writer has done a good job one good thing abt movie is director has shown another side of thieves life their relationship with their family members but require some more drama &

  • sukhbir 6 years ago

    Good Movie… Good time pass…

  • Anonymous 6 years ago

    Paisa Vasool Movie………….

  • Anonymous 6 years ago

    nice movie first half is only good.

  • Shital 6 years ago

    There should be a Start , middle and End of movie. But there is nothing. Actor is good and nothing else.

  • Anonymous 6 years ago

    Good movie and fun to watch… very close to real life

  • Anonymous 6 years ago

    after watching it i realised that its a perfect time waste
    better avoid it

  • Anonymous 6 years ago

    sorry i was commenting on the movie blood diamond.
    by mistake i commented on this movie. sorry again

  • Anonymous 6 years ago

    Interesting movie, abhay deol has become a good actor;he proves it in this movie =)

  • Anonymous 6 years ago

    dekhne k baad batao ga yaar

  • Anonymous 6 years ago

    the ending makes nosence

  • Anonymous 6 years ago

    etna baqwas movie maine pehle kabhi nahin dekha, but dekhna zarrorr is movie ko agar time hain to.

  • Anonymous 6 years ago

    it was an ok movie not that gud not so bad

  • Anonymous 6 years ago

    coments se lagta hai bakwas movie hai,,i wont watch it

  • Anonymous 6 years ago

    This is very good movies for enjoy moment of life……….


  • Anonymous 6 years ago

    Whoever said the movie wasn’t good enough has to be mentally challenged, I mean what’s you’r problem, haven’t u got laid in ages??? It’s completely entertaining, atleast not a bluff like the recent releases with the so called big names. And dthis actor is gifted. Simply brilliant.

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    Basic idea taken from ‘Catch me if you can’… Entertaining movie… I wasn’t too keen about the actor but i was surprised… Different, charming and good acting… Nice one mate…

  • sanjay 5 years ago

    its a nice time pass

  • Akash Ahuja 5 years ago

    worst movie ever..
    watched half the movie still couldnt figure out what was going on…

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    Gud muvee…watch it for sure…baki sabki G@%#..

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    One of the best movie , Ever mad in INDIA . U need to understand the Cinematography

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    awesome movie, the best movie i ever seen. the people who makes fun of this movie, can pls. tell me better then this

  • NIKUNJ PANCHAL 4 years ago

    I have seen many movies, english, japanese, russian, hindi, marathi, gujarati, almost bad and worst as well but tell u one thing this is really awesome movie, quiet true in todays north India and I appreciate the performance by Abhay Deol and story nd nevertheless direction awesome direction and offcourse Abhay Deol is versatile actor and I will be more happy to see his movie other than shahrukh and salmans movie(Generally crap).. keep it up Abhay good work.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    the movie is great no doubt whether hit or flop and Abhay Deol is a great actor.

  • Ashish 4 years ago

    fantastic movie made ever 10/10 4 movie and 20/10 4 abhay deol

  • Deepak Kumar 4 years ago

    Kya Movie Haigi !! Nashaa Chad gaya c !! Saadi real life te awein hi chale te Balle Balle… Hit Hit Hit SUPERHIT !!!