Chakkar Pe Chakkar (1977)

Director: Ashok Roy

Starring: Shashi Kapoor, Rekha, Pran, Amjad Khan

Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime

Released on: N/A

Writer: Suridh Kar (screenplay), Amit Khanna (story), Verma Malik (lyrics), Charandas Shokh (dialogues)

IMDB Rating: 6.8/10 (10 Votes)

Duration: N/A

Synopsis: Bollywood Producer, Mani Babu, films a movie starring popular actor, Ravi Kumar, in order to expose Swami Hari Om. When a shot calls for Ravi to kill a child, he refuses, both argue, and subsequently Babu’s wife finds her husband knifed to death with Ravi holding the weapon. Before the arrival of the police, Ravi flees but is captured by Daku Sher Singh’s men, but is later released and befriended as they turn out to be his fans. Ravi’s death is arranged, and the entire gang dons various guises in order to try and locate the real killer(s). Things get complicated after Swami Hari Om finds out Ravi is alive; abducts Ravi’s mom and sweetheart, Sheila. The question remains what will Ravi do under these circumstances?

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Action, Comedy, Crime, Hindi Movies


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