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Dilliwaali Zaalim Girlfriend (2015)

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Hunterrr (2015)

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Mandar Ponkshe is an ordinary guy, meaning there is hardly anything extraordinary about him. He is maybe 5'8" or 5'9". He dresses very un-dandily if there was such a term, wears a goatee to hide what could be considered a weak chin. Mandar does not attract attention because he wants to be seen as ordinary. But behind that facade is a story - of an interesting past life that has been led. His single-minded pursuit of girls, tall and short, stout or with a pout. He's funny unconventionally without meaning to be witty. His friends have lost all hope of him settling down, as they know that he doesn't plan to. And then suddenly he meets someone whom he starts liking... and falls in love with. What will happen now? Will she know about his past? Will he able to hide his Hunterrrr reputation? The story of a guy, who doesn't want to grow up!

August 2 (2012)

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This movie is about three different people who are having their own plans for the day, On August 2, Naveen who had a recent rift with his girlfriend plans to apologize her to bury the hatred between them. The other characters Jay and his wife Anvitha who were on their way to a marriage will get in trouble with their car in a midway. It is too late by the time they realize that the day had its own plans for them.

My Best Friend (2015)

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Director: Suresh Jain Starring: Paras Sharma, Priya Jaiswal, Haider Khan, Sikha Sharma, Chandni Puri, Avinash Patak Genre: Adult Released on: N/A Writer: N/A IMDB Rating: N/A Duration: 107 min

Lady Tarzen Jungle Love (1999) (In Hindi)

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A group of scientists enter the Brazilian jungle in search of a rare creature. A beautiful woman with the ability to remain forever youthful and who kills her prey via sexual pleasure.

Meri Jaan (Jaanu) (2012)

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Apne Dushman (1975)

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Brijesh is an airline pilot. While on duty one day, he comes across some men who are smugglers, and after a short tussle with them, he hands them over to the police. A lipstick containing a deadly secret is left on Brijesh's person, which he unknowingly takes home. He lives with his blind sister, Reshma. Reshma is not really his sister by birth, for he had rescued her when she was being molested. The gangsters find out that the lipstick is in Brijesh's house, and Reshma alone at home, and they sent their operatives to locate the lipstick and if necessary kill Reshma. How is Reshma going to defend herself, when she cannot see the person(s) who have found their way inside, and will do anything to obtain what they have come for. The Mohammeda Rafi song "Ish Desh ke socho kya hoga, ab hum kaise batlayen, jab apne hi gharwale, apne dushman ban jayen..." continues to be banned by India's Government-owned media.

Mere Sartaj (1975)

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Parveen lives a wealthy lifestyle in India with her widowed dad in India. She is of marriageable age and has three suitors, Munir-Ul-Haq Qadri - who wants to be a live-in son-in-law; equally wealthy Asad, who will do anything for her; and wealthy poet Javed Ahmed Gulrez. Parveen has her dad and gorgeous friend, Sultana, reject Munir and Asad and gets married to Javed. The two admirers get together and plot vengeance, and Asad gets busy to get Javed actively involved in a new nightclub, Angel Club, and introduces him to alcohol and gambling. Parveen and the loyal family servant, Thakur Kaka, attempt to dissuade Javed, but in vain. Javed comes to know that Parveen is having an affair with Munir, reprimands her, starts to frequent a brothel and falls in love with a Courtesan named Shabab Bano. He even goes to the extent of asking her to move into his house, and makes Parveen her servant. Then things spiral out of control when the police get involved in the theft of jewelry from Javed's house, and then Javed himself goes on the run, chased by the police - for murder!!

Naag Champa (1976)

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Prem Yog (1994)

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Maharaj Chatrapal Singh and his wife the Maharani are delighted when they become proud parents of a son - the heir to the thrown of Ramgad. Their delight is short-lived when the Palace Astrologer predicts that Chatrapal will be the last of the Maharajas for Ramgad, and no throne is destined for his son, Raju. Perturbed at this news, Chatrapal decides to protect Raju from the world, and makes him lead a secluded life within the four walls of the palace and it's surrounding grounds. Years later, Raju has grown up and his has arranged his marriage with a young woman of noble parentage. Raju is unhappy with this decision, and decides to run away with his bodyguard, Gulshan. They end up in Bombay city, where Raju starts to work as a waiter in a restaurant. He meets with and falls in love with a dancer and singer, Anita Sethi, who is the daughter of a wealthy man. Her father would like her to marry Jimmy Narang, son of the wealthy Mr. Narang, but Anita too falls in love with Raju. When JImmy finds out that Raju is a heir-apparent to Ramgad's throne, he tells Anita, who is angry with Raju for suppressing this information from her. Narang also informs Chatrapal, who sets off with an army, to bring Raju back to marry the woman he has chosen for him. Raju now has to make a choice - stay and be captured by his father's men; or run away elsewhere.

Dragon Blade (2015) (In Hindi)

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Director: Daniel Lee Starring: John Cusack, Adrien Brody, Jackie Chan Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama Released on: 19 Feb 2015 Writer: Daniel Lee IMDB Rating: N/A Duration: 125 min

Love at Times Square (2003)

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Director: Dev Anand Starring: Dev Anand, Heenee Kaushik, Shoib Khan, Chaitanya Chaudhary, Siya Rana, Niti Agarwal, Satish Shah, Ketki Dave, Ashish Vidyarthi, Salman Khan, Rishi Kapoor, Vikram Gokhale, Moon Moon Sen...

Censor (2001)

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Director: Dev Anand Starring: Dev Anand, Hema Malini, Shammi Kapoor, Rekha, Jackie Shroff, Mamta Kulkarni, Johnny Lever, Mukesh Khanna, Ayesha Jhulka, Sharad S. Kapoor, Tara Deshpande, Randhir Kapoor, Aruna Irani, ...

Piya Milan Ki Aas (1961)

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Director: S.N. Tripathi Starring: Ameeta, Jeevan, Manoj Kumar, S.N. Tripathi Genre: Romance Released on: N/A Writer: N/A IMDB Rating: N/A Duration: 138 min

Pyaar Hawas Dhokha (2015)

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Director: M Ifran Starring: Ruby Ahmad, Vijay Bhaskar Genre: Drama, Romance Released on: N/A Writer: N/A IMDB Rating: N/A Duration: 109 min

The Naxalites (1980)

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Director: Khwaja Ahmad Abbas Starring: Jalal Agha, Tinnu Anand, Mithun Chakraborty, Pinchoo Kapoor, Imtiaz Khan, Dina Pathak, Smita Patil Genre: Drama Released on: N/A Writer: N/A IMDB Rating: N/A Du...

Meri Shaan (Kalidasu) (2008)

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Director: G. Ravicharan Reddy Starring: Sushanth, Tamannaah Genre: Action, Comedy Released on: 11 Apr 2008 Writer: N/A IMDB Rating: N/A Duration: 131 min

Saat Samundar Paar (1965)

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Director: Mohammed Hussain Starring: Ameeta, Shyam Kumar, Kamal Mehra, Joginder Shelly, Dara Singh Genre: Drama Released on: N/A Writer: N/A IMDB Rating: N/A Duration: 116 min

Desh Ke Gaddar (Independence) (1999)

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Director: Vinayan Starring: Vijayaraghavan, Kushbhoo, Kalabhavan Mani, Vani Viswanath, Indraja, Rajan P Dev, Jagathy, Capt.Raju, Sainudheen, Janardhanan, Cochin Haneefa, Sukumari Genre: Action, Drama Released...

Dum Dum Deega Deega – Short Film

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Director: N/A Starring: N/A Genre: Short Released on: N/A Writer: N/A IMDB Rating: N/A Duration: 15 min

Truth – The Ugly Side Of Life – Short Film

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Director: N/A Starring: N/A Genre: Short Released on: N/A Writer: N/A IMDB Rating: N/A Duration: 13 min

Hot Teri Deewangi (2015)

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Director: Saria Khan Starring: Irfan Hashmi, Kalpna Shah, Aliya Khan, Ringkla Tyagi Genre: Adult, Romance Released on: 2015 Writer: N/A IMDB Rating: N/A Duration: 115 min

Ten Past Twelve – Short Film

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Director: N/A Starring: N/A Genre: Short Released on: N/A Writer: N/A IMDB Rating: N/A Duration: 8 min

Shit People Say in Love – Short Film

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Director: N/A Starring: N/A Genre: Short Released on: N/A Writer: N/A IMDB Rating: N/A Duration: 5 min

The Kid (2000) (In Hindi)

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Russ Duritz is a wealthy L.A. image consultant, but as he nears 40, he's cynical, dogless, chickless, estranged from his father, and he has no memories of his childhood. One night he surprises an intruder, who turns out to be a kid, almost 8 years old. There's something oddly familiar about the chubby lad, whose name is Rusty. The boy's identity sparks a journey into Russ's past that the two of them take - to find the key moment that has defined who Russ is. Two long-suffering women look on with disbelief: Russ's secretary, Janet, and his assistant, the lovely Amy, to whom Rusty takes a shine. What, and who, is at the end of this journey?

Automata (2014) (In Hindi)

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Jacq Vaucan is an insurance agent of ROC robotics corporation who investigates cases of robots violating their primary protocols against altering themselves. What he discovers will have profound consequences for the future of humanity.

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