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Welcome 2 Karachi (2015)

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Mad Max – Fury Road (2015) (In Hindi)

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An apocalyptic story set in the furthest reaches of our planet, in a stark desert landscape where humanity is broken, and almost everyone is crazed fighting for the necessities of life. Within this world exist two rebels on the run who just might be able to restore order. There's Max, a man of action and a man of few words, who seeks peace of mind following the loss of his wife and child in the aftermath of the chaos. And Furiosa, a woman of action and a woman who believes her path to survival may be achieved if she can make it across the desert back to her childhood homeland.

Tanu Weds Manu Returns (2015)

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Blackhat (2015) (In Hindi)

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Nick Hathaway, an extremely talented hacker who has gone astray, finds his way out of a 15 year prison sentence when parts of a computer code he once wrote during his youth appears in a malware that triggered a terrorist attack in a factory in China. This opportunity will reunite him with an old friend but will also put him in the middle of a power game between the American and Chinese government as well as an arch villain hacker whose identity he has to find if he wants to keep his freedom and his life.

Saat Sawal Yane Haatim Tai (1971)

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During a hunt, Munirshah meets with Sabeena and both fall in love with each other. He approaches her father for her hand, but is refused as she is cursed to turn into stone after her marriage, as her father was cursed by Gulnar, a Pari (Fairy), who had turned to stone on his touch. Munirshah seeks the help of generous Shahenshah-e-Yemen Haatim Bin Tai. They visit Sabeena's father's palace, view the stone bust of Gulnar. Haatim is told that he must solve seven puzzles and only after doing so will Gulnar return back to her normal self and take back her curse. Haatim agrees to do so and sets forth not realizing that he will be pitted against a half-bear half-woman; a cannibalistic giant named Irfan; merciless bandits; giant man-eating birds; be captured by Gulnar's father; and he will eventually end up as a captive to an invincible sorcerer, Kamlakh.

Ishq Ishq Ishq (1974)

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Dhun comes from a wealthy and talented family. His desire is to see the world on his own, and he sets upon this travel. He comes upon an Inn called Five Daughters, run by Pahar. He decides to stay there for awhile. He meets the daughters, and falls in love with the one named Pooja. Pooja also reciprocates his love, and both hope to marry soon. Pahar does raise objections, but they soon are overcome. Just when the marriage is being planned, the family come to know that both Pooja and Dhun are related, and the relationship is that Dhun is Pooja's maternal uncle.

Indian Soldier Never on Holiday (Thuppakki) (2012)

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An army captain is on a mission to track down and destroy a terrorist gang and deactivate the sleeper cells under its command.

Maza Aur Mauj Masti (2005)

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Shyam is a caretaker of a bungalow that is owned by the Government of India and must only be occupied by visiting Government officials. Whenever any official visits and stays overnight, they are lured outside by the screams of a woman, and then are killed, and subsequently their dead bodies are buried in the neighboring area. Govind, Shyam's friend, finds out the secret, and he too is killed. Police Inspector Ashok Kumar stays in the bungalow overnight and he is also killed. Finally the Police instruct Inspector Rani to befriend Shyam, convince him to let her live at this bungalow, and then try and find out who is killing all the male occupants.

Masti Ke Do Pal (2000)

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Director: N/A Starring: Mariya, Roshni Genre: Adult, Mature Released on: N/A Writer: N/A IMDB Rating: N/A Duration: 75 min

Biwi Jawan Miyan Pareshaan (2000)

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Ham Sab Chor Hain (1956)

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Company of Heroes (2013) (In Hindi)

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During the last major German offensive of World War II, a company of American soldiers is lost behind enemy lines during the Battle of the Bulge and they make a horrific discovery - Hitler has a super bomb in development. The soldiers soon learn about a secret allied mission to retrieve a defecting German scientist in charge of a Hitler's weapons program. Faced with impossible odds, the company and an escaping POW go on a daring raid into the heart of Nazi Germany in pursuit of the scientist.

Outcast (2014) (In Hindi)

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When the heir of the Imperial throne becomes the target of an assassination by his despised older brother, the young prince must flee the kingdom and seek protection. His only hope for survival is a reluctant war-weary crusader named Jacob, who must overcome his own personal demons and rally the assistance of a mythical outlaw known as The White Ghost. Together they must fight side by side in an epic battle to return the prince to his rightful place on the throne.

The Big Lion Gajakessari (2015)

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Director: N/A Starring: N/A Genre: Action Released on: N/A Writer: N/A IMDB Rating: N/A Duration: 117 min

Main Hoon Namodilwala (2015)

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Director: Anil Kumar Starring: Sumanth Shailendra, Radhika Pandit, P. Ravi Shankar, Jai Jagadish, Sharath Lohitashwa, Bullet Prakash Genre: Action, Drama Released on: N/A Writer: N/A IMDB Rating: N/A ...

International Khiladi Returnz (Azhagiya Tamizh Magan) (2007)

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Two doubles - one honest, the other crooked - fight to win the hand of a rich girl.

Mahima Durga Kaali Ki

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Director: N/A Starring: N/A Genre: Drama Released on: N/A Writer: N/A IMDB Rating: N/A Duration: 135 min

Shaapit Haseena

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Director: N/A Starring: N/A Genre: Drama Released on: N/A Writer: N/A IMDB Rating: N/A Duration: 91 min

Time Limit 36 Hours (2004)

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Director: Karvannan Starring: Napoleon, Virumaandi, Ayya, Azhagar Malai, Pokkiri, Kadhir, Kalpana Sri, Rajkumar, Harris, Jaykumar Genre: Action, Drama Released on: N/A Writer: N/A IMDB Rating: N/A Du...

National Film Awards (2015)

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Director: N/A Starring: N/A Genre: N/A Released on: N/A Writer: N/A IMDB Rating: N/A Duration: N/A

Shri Krishna Mahotsav (2015)

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Director: N/A Starring: N/A Genre: N/A Released on: N/A Writer: N/A IMDB Rating: N/A Duration: N/A

Ek Aur Sikander (Nilaave Vaa) (1998)

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Director: A. Venkatesh Starring: Vijay, Suvalakshmi, Sanghavi Genre: Action Released on: 14 Aug 1998 Writer: N/A IMDB Rating: N/A Duration: 140 min

Hukumat Ki Jung 2 (Nam Naadu) (2007)

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Aspiring to become the state's next Chief Minister, Education Minister Aalavandhar conspires with his corrupt son-in-laws, Ilamaran and Sathya, to do away with the opposition and enable an uncontested election. He then decides to allocate land to a soft-drink company but faces opposition from his idealistic son, Muthazhagu, who belongs to the youth wing of his own political party. The latter, with the help of the courts, is able to overturn the land allocation but ends up alienating his entire family against him. Sathya and Ilamaran then conspire against Muthazhagu, and create challenges and obstacles for him in order to compel him to leave politics. When they find out that he is adamant and even willing to contest the elections against his father - they decide to do away with him - once and for all.

Mera Iraada (Aakasa Ramanna) (2010)

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Chitar Husband – Short Film

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Director: N/A Starring: N/A Genre: Short Released on: N/A Writer: N/A IMDB Rating: N/A Duration: 10 min

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